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We make high-quality mixing and mastering of music!

Our studio makes high-quality mixing and mastering of music.
Mastering - $ 17 (do the demo for free).
Mixing (+ mastering) - from $ 36.
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16 Reviews

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  1. Review by Taliya Hafiz
    by Taliya Hafiz

    Studio "Arefyev" is a workshop for wizards. Real professionals create here, thanks to whom music sounds in accordance with the highest standards of the music industry. In the process of my collaboration with the studio on an album of songs and several singles, I was always satisfied with the final product: all wishes and requirements are always taken into account and your creative vision is realized in the best possible way! I sincerely advise you to contact the sensitive professionals of "Arefyev" for musical wonders!

  2. Review by Meshel
    by Meshel

    Sound restoration - excellent result! I needed to urgently fulfill the order, and the guys got their job done 100% !!! Thank you for understanding!!

  3. Review by Maximilian
    by Maximilian

    I ordered mastering the album. Loved the sound. Thank you for the service and due regard to your wishes!

  4. Review by ValentinoKi
    by ValentinoKi

    I ordered mixing the track, got a very high-quality sound. I recommend this studio to everyone!

  5. Review by Masha Volkova
    by Masha Volkova

    Very affordable prices! I ordered a track mix, I didn’t like the first one.
    Made a number of changes, heard all my wishes and it turned out a great job! Be sure to contact you again)

  6. Review by Julia Fetisova
    by Julia Fetisova

    Thank you very much to Yuri Arefyev and the whole team for the quality work, patience and attentive attitude to all wishes !! You are great, real professionals! 👏👏👏
    Very pleased with the result, we will continue to cooperate! 😉🤘
    Comrades musicians, if you crave the quality of your masterpieces, AREFYEV STUDIO highly recommend !!

  7. Review by Blessed Salmon
    by Blessed Salmon

    I sincerely thank Yuri Arefyev for his responsiveness and professionalism. There were many situations in which he rescued me, making the sound of my songs the way I hadn’t heard it yet. Such work is really impressive, and I wish him and everyone who works with him good luck and patience on the path to cherished dreams.

  8. Review by Andrey Bagaev
    by Andrey Bagaev

    This is not the first job I give to this studio and everyone is very happy) They help with questions, give important advice)
    Short terms of work, high-quality work)
    They just make beautiful and soft works out of the "plastic" sound) The studio takes into account all the wishes of the clients)

  9. Review by Ahmed Hesham
    by Ahmed Hesham

    Great mastering engineer who is very pro , I like the mastering service of arefyev studio :)

  10. Review by Vladimir Ivanovich
    by Vladimir Ivanovich

    Thank you so much for mixing my track! Worked all the details. After information track signed one of the leading labels in Russia! I think more than once I will ask for mixing and mastering)

  11. Review by Yuri Ossorin
    by Yuri Ossorin

    The guys from the studio just a pro! He turned with a completely raw material, and the fact that they created from it was simply beyond all praise! How they removed the noises, pulled out all the drums, since I wanted them to sound, ottyuningovali vocals is just super work! The recording is not a shame now, even to the network it sounds powerful and super cool! I will continue to appeal only to them! Thank!

  12. Review by Aleksey Karlin
    by Aleksey Karlin

    This studio is a real find! Quality is on top, speed too. Separately want to highlight the service. The guys always fix everything at will, never refuse, until the client is delighted with his track) And some moments in the service are amazing in a good way. I am very happy to know that the sound processing process is in my good hands. Thank you very much, we continue to cooperate)

  13. Review by Marina Rednikova
    by Marina Rednikova

    Thank you very much for the excellent mixing and mastering of my five minuses! We did everything quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, we took the available remarks for revision and never refused)) I recommend it to everyone, and I’ll also appeal more than once!)

  14. Review by Dmitry Zagorsky
    by Dmitry Zagorsky

    Professional approach, responsibility, love for their work, high quality! All this Arefyev Studio!
    Thank you for the quality mixing and mastering of the single!)

  15. Review by nataliegotman
    by nataliegotman

    Great mastering, professional approach, clear communication and the best sound. I look forward to working with "Arefyev Studio" in the future! @nataliegotman

  16. Review by Paul
    by Paul

    Great service. Efficiently perform the work. The song came on the radio!

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    Дэвид Гленн — композитор/инженер/музыкант из Орландо, Флорида.
    Его клиентами являются множество популярных исполнителей как страны, так и штата: Pablo Villatoro, Blanca Callahan (Group 1 Crew), Aimee Allen и многие другие.

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  • Лучшие звуковые карты (интерфейсы) для домашних студийNov 11, 2016

    В данной статье демонстрируются некоторые из лучших доступных аудио интерфейсов на рынке для домашней студии. Цены, в данной статье, на звуковые карты составляют от 80 до$ 300$, так что любой музыкальный продюсер/звукоинженер при наличии скромного бюджета сможет приобрести интерфейс в зависимости от потребностей и предпочтений.

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