Freelance Mixer/Producer - Mark




Freelance Mixer/Producer

I'm a Nashville-based mix engineer. In 2018, one of my favorite clients (Sad Baxter—declared best local band in the Nashville Scene) had a song I mixed featured on NPR's "All Song's Considered" and "Songs We Love."

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Film Composer - Chris


Film Composer

I have composed music for MTV and VH1 shows, a documentary with Forest Whitaker narrating, and many independent and branded content, with over 13 years of experience in the film and media industry. I'm a Berklee trained film composer and bassist and studied with Matt Garrison (son of Jimmy Garrison, John Coltrane's bassist). I also love cycling.

null - Ian


I've been playing guitar since I was 15. Had many influences across many Genres, metal, jazz, country, whether these come out in my playing is hard to quantify. My favourite musicians all have something special, John McLaughlin, Brad Paisley, Matt Garrison, Marty Friedman, David Eugene Edwards... ,,I've been a guitarist in a couple of covers bands in my 20's, pub band pop and rock, the typical stuff you'd hear in the early noughties. ,,More recently I played guitar for a Folk singer songwriter from Leicester.,,I am currently trying to put together a Modern Country cover band, mainly electric, more rock orientated than traditional, but still country.,,I'm looking for a guitarist, age irrelevant, happy to play both acoustic and electric. Someone with energy to help bring these songs alive.,,Alternatively, I am open to joining anything interesting that is a bit different than the norm.


null - Garrison


Hi I'm Garrison Evans and I'm a male vocalist, pianist, songwriter, and producer, specializing in indie-pop, alternative R&B, trip hop, electronic, and any other type of genre bending music. I just recently graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelors in Professional Music with focuses in songwriting and electronic production.


null - lordofthedrums


My most successful band and all our achievements. Been in bands since inc: Garrison finish, Sweet Ariane. Lizard.,,Torn Asunder is bringing rock back to the masses. Many have tried, few have succeeded. But where Torn Asunder differs is the use of pounding guitars and catchy drumbeats combined with a soulful female vocal. The unique hybrid of styles that Torn Asunder brings gives them the edge against other bands, in bringing a sound which is influenced by both classic and comtemporary rock, but still retaining a fresh and current edge.,Formed of singer Loran, guitarists Marcus and Joe, bassist Glenn and drummer Spence, Torn Asunder is fueled by a mix of musical backgrounds and a variety of styles, as well as a passionate belief by all the members that this band can truly give something to the music world. Torn Asunder were formed in late 2006, and despite a couple of line up changes, have worked hard to produce performance quality of professional standards and have never left an audience disappointed.,...


null - Radoslaw

Fort Wayne

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null - Satellites


John Garrison has become a much-in-demand studio bass guitarist for some of the biggest acts in the world, having played on tracks by Ed Sheeran, Christina Aguilera, Josh Groban, Leona Lewis, John Grant, Sting. Most recently, Garrison worked with Robbie Williams and co-wrote the recent #1 single, “Fairytales” featuring Sir Rod Stewart.


Mixing, Mastering, Production - Malin


Mixing, Mastering, Production

Hello! As you've probably clued in by now, I'm a Mix, Recording and Mastering Engineer with a studio in beautiful Northern Ontario, Canada. This is my life and my passion, and I look for that kind of dedication in the people I work with. Which brings me to you! I would love to hear from you. You can always find me Cheers!

Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Garrison


Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Male vocalist, pianist, songwriter, and producer, specializing in indie-pop, alternative R&B, trip hop, electronic, and any other type of genre bending music.

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