Dubstep Game Audio

These professional game audio designers and game sound composers will craft original songs, beats, SFX, and dialogue for your game

Music Producer, Composer,  - Spectacular


Music Producer, Composer,

Spectacular Sound Productions is a music production studio established by Bertalan Szűcs in 2016 . The studio focuses on animation movie, game and trailer music, such as award winner Hey Deer! animated short.

Music Producer, DJ - L.F.Ogre


Music Producer, DJ

I combine cinema-quality sound design with the finesse of a hip-hop producer and the attitude of a bass music producer.

Music Producer/Mixing & Master - Simon


Music Producer/Mixing & Master

I have been producing electronic music for over 8 years. With a wide experience in EDM genres. I have also played at festivals in my local area and been on BBC Radio a number of times. Alongside production i am also available to hire for very affordable mixing and mastering services. Ableton Live User.

Music Producer/Composer/Design - kez


Music Producer/Composer/Design

I transform colors into sound.


Producer, Arranger - YNZ


Producer, Arranger

Creating all kinds of electronic music with uniquely designed sounds.

Affordable Mixing & Mastering - Afterlite


Affordable Mixing & Mastering

Cheap and affordable services. We are here to help you reach the level of quality you are looking for!

Music Producer / Mix & Mas - DBaola


Music Producer / Mix & Mas

I constantly learn and develop myself, learn new things, catch up with trends and era, bring you the best experiences and products.

Music Producer, Sound Designer - TGRage


Music Producer, Sound Designer

So you've got an idea, Let's turn that into a reality. I've been making music for people for over 4 years now. Been part of the music industry for over 8 years. Been making my own cool sounds for over the past 2 years now. This is definitely going to be fun!


Music Producer, Composer - Abtein


Music Producer, Composer

Attention grabbing Composition and Sound Design. Exquisite Audio Production.


Production, Mix & Master - Graduate


Production, Mix & Master

I am an experienced postgraduate Audio Producer & Sound Designer. I am a signed artist on my solo project to a UK based label. I love producing for various genres and projects, films, adverts, singers, rappers... I have also majored in Synthesis and Mix & Mastering modules, and have been trained by Metropolis Studio, and Revolution Mastering.

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