Trance Flutes

Remix Artist / Music Producer - Elektro Abhiijeet Manu


Music Producer / Remixer. Genres - Hip hop, Trap, EDM, Progressive, Trance. work for the ultra scene Entertainment (U.S.) or other official remixes.

Music producer, Mixing - Vicky Sanders

I am a music producer based in London. I specialise in in progressive house and trance music. I enjoy mixing tracks and would love to mix yours! I am also a pianist and flautist and am able to record parts on these instruments if desired. I am currently in my 4th and final year of studying electronic music and have been making music for 8 years.

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Producer, Session Guitarist - John 'Chief' Stergiou

John 'Chief' Stergiou is a Music Producer, Session Musician and Composer born in Athens, Greece and currently living in Berlin Germany. Back in 1996 at the age of 18 he got into music production, recording with artists, other times as a session guitarist, Composer and conductor, other times as a sound engineer.

Sequencing, Mixing Mastering - S Raheemani

S Raheemani profile can be viewed at

Audio Engineer - MixedBy Bryan Lamarr

Hey my name is Bryan Lamarr and I'm a Audio and Broadcasting engineer. I have, done engineering work for independent, as well as signed artist. I pride myself in being a perfectionist. I make sure that I maintain my clients visions with a professional outcome. Will send my work per request.

I write beautiful lyrics - Lyrics by Josie

Beautiful, creative, different types of song for sale. I do not sing or create music just perfect lyrics. Prices from 1000-5000 $.

Music producer, Beat makers - bäribäboi

Hello everybody, It's been 8 years since I've been producing beats in my room. I'm not yet collaborating with any known artist. It's my first time to sharing my music online . I hope he'll get a good hearing.

Music producer and key player - OK Music

Multiple awarded Songwriter, Music producer and Piano player.

Studio Engineer/Producer - Sydewayz Soundz Engineering

I have been in the business for 20 years as an audio engineer. I have a sincere passion for mixing music and being able to show off my creative side. I specialize in Hip Hop and R&B as well as Pop and Dance music. I have worked with Artists such as Spice 1, Dizzy Wright, Shawty Lo, Dj Plugg, Bobby Kritical, Etc.

Music/ Score composer - Kevin Coppola

Composing scores and songs for your liking

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