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The Hungarian Haza Music Group - Hungarian Haza Music Group

Joe Kotyuk, the Hungarian Haza Music group's top audio engineer and producer, knows how to create, shape, and mold a piece of music whether it be one or two songs, or an artist's entire album. His 40 plus year reputation is noted for his "skills" in the recording studio, and that's what comes out in every single one of his projects.

Music Production - Mountain Beach House Studio

I have a degree in music production and have been doing this for quite a few years! I do my best to create a comfortable relationship and atmosphere for the artists I work with. I want there to be a mutual working relationship where we both create a product that we're happy with. I love music, and love helping others bring their music to life!

Music Producer Mixing Engineer - Daniel Sorola

18+ years of experience, 5+ in Logic Pro X. I create catchy melodies and have great knowledge of mixing and how to use effects to get desired results. Also songwriter/artist.

Vocal Coach, Session Musician. - David Lorimer

Accompanist and Coach. Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar, Ukulele, Bodhran.

Creative Writer - Cristine Klein

Hi, My name is Cristine Klein I am a creative content writer in the UK.

Recording - hellonwood40

All kind of academic writing services.

Podcast Producer - Calum Goddard-Mocklow

I'll produce, edit and launch YOUR podcasts. And don't worry... If you don't have a studio, I can bring one to you! Get in touch if you're looking to launch a podcast:

Leva Clinic | Telehealth | Onl - Leva Clinic

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