Reggaeton Fiddle who worked with #reggaeton

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Audio Mastering,  - Peter Montgomery Mastering

Guitar, Mixing, Sound Design - FuzzFishStudio

The studio you need. We do everything from music recording, mixing and mastering to sound design for films and games.

Mixing Engineer - Si Ottway


Mixing Engineer with 5+ years experience working professionally in the industry.

Singer/SongWriter/Artist - Award Winner Singer/Songwriter


Writer of #1 songs & exceeded 600 million streams. I've collaborated with top40 artists & labels Capitol Records, Sony, Universal, Interscope, and more. I've partnered with Beats by Dre & major features on Spotify, iHeart, Apple, as well as placements on platforms like Amazon Prime, BET, and Billboard.

Songwriter/session guitar - Dennis Miller

Over 15 years experience in songwriting. I can come up with a song for your story or have a catalogue to choose from in a short period of time. I live for the hook so I do try to bring something special and relatable to the table. I also offer mixing of your tracks in my home studio and or sessions.

Mixing & Mastering - Bleaux

We Gone Get You Right

Creative editing - Camila Alves

Professional academic editing services.

Not Instant Mastering - SOUND TOGETHER

Mastering Engineer from France, I'm proposing a personalized mastering service and an artistic follow-up from the beginning of the production to the final stage. This with the aim of assisting the producers but also to be able to be immersed in the artistic vision and to work in the same perspective at the mastering stage.

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