Session Guitarist and Composer - Gabriele




Session Guitarist and Composer

Guitar player,arranger and composer I really can't wait to hear what you got! I like almost everything acoustic, but I really enjoy electric as well. Ready to track your guitars from strumming to fingerstyle, from clean comping to lead solo! Also I would love to mix your acoustic works either instrumental production or full songs.

Guitarist & Mixing Engineer - The




Guitarist & Mixing Engineer

Very quick response and fast delivery. I'm a full time guitarist, producer and mixing engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the music industry. I've worked with signed and unsigned acts at studios such as world-famous Abbey Road Studios, ICP Studios, Chapel Studios, Capitol Studios, Dreamrack Studios.

Audio Wizzard - Matt

New York

Audio Wizzard

Hey! I'm a recent graduate of NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. I have been writing, producing and mixing records for well over 15 years now. In addition, I have produced the music for advertising campaigns of some of the worlds biggest brands such as Armani, Lexus, and Raymond James. Anything audio/music you need done, I've got you.

Production, Mixing, Guitar - Rob


Production, Mixing, Guitar

22 year old producer, mixing engineer, & multi-instrumentalist. Specializes in electronic, indie, pop, hip-hop, but capable of working with wide variety of genres. Shoot me a message and let's work together!

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Session Guitarist - Michael


Session Guitarist

Specializing in creating multi-layered guitar tracks for acoustic and electric rhythm, solos, fills and special effects (phaser, flanger, harmonizer, etc.). Genres include rock, pop, blues and folk. Completed Berklee Advanced Blues Guitar and Berklee Classic Rock Guitar courses.

null - Dado


Recording, mixing and Mastering Studio.

Professional Mixing Engineer - Arturo

Santo Domingo

Professional Mixing Engineer

Music is all about emotion. My goal is to take your song to it's full potential by concentrating on the feeling you are trying to evoke to your fans. Mixing can be a transformative process for a song, and I want to explore with you where we can take your music by combining our talents. Keep making music! Listen to

Recording studio music product - ELECTRICDREAD

Union City

Recording studio music product

Mix eng the meditations The persuades maxi preist the boiler house boys


Pre-Processing, Harmonization - Dirk


Pre-Processing, Harmonization

Eventide Processing your raw tracks

Recording Studio, Engineering - MiddleGround

New York

Recording Studio, Engineering

Welcome to MiddleGround Digital NYC. We are an upcoming service provider that puts the artists first. Our goal is to allow local recording artists the opportunity to produce content for their fans at a level very similar to the professional artists that they look up to. WWW.MIDDLEGROUNDDIGITALNYC.COM


Mixing & Mastering - Waterfront


Mixing & Mastering

I am a Producer, Mix Engineer & Musician based in Scotland. I have worked with all genres from indie to Afro Beats to rock & metal.

Utility Musician, Overdubs - Tonewise




Utility Musician, Overdubs

I am a multi-instrumentalist from Texas, currently living in the Nashville area. I play fiddle, mandolin, guitar, ukulele, banjo, as well as some ethnic instruments such as Chinese Erhu and Japanese Shamisen. I have a small home studio where I provide overdubs for clients needing auxiliary tracks to round out a project.

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