Sound Engineer & Producer - Travis




Sound Engineer & Producer

My goal is to bring your artistic vision to life and will not settle for anything short of that. I will collaborate with you through the entire process to ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome.

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Remote Mixing and Mastering - Push


Remote Mixing and Mastering

We deliver our masters in less than 24h and mixing in 2-3 days. We also work with low budgets


Vocalist & Songwriter - Tom




Vocalist & Songwriter

I'm a studio vocalist, songwriter, and music producer. I am the former frontman for classic rock band Head East.

null - Low

5400 Chaves

Low Cost Mixing and Mastering, as low as 30 euros for mxing and 15 € for mastering

Music Producer,  - Dan


Music Producer,

A Crhistian Music Producer. let me help you to create a song that bless lifes and obtain an incredible sound.

Songwriter, Singer - Lyric


Songwriter, Singer

Whether you are looking to take your lyrics to another level, or write a full song beginning to end with a fresh new melody.. perhaps you have the melody but no lyrics? I can help you. Review your lyrics and request changes or options, and make the final choices yourself. That simple, that easy. Finish that song today.


Producer, Mixer, Songwriter - Oscar

Los Angeles

Producer, Mixer, Songwriter

Oscar has played in bands, dj' in clubs, and spent endless hours in Recording Studios with top level clients such as Malik Yusef, T.I. The Game, Tinashae,The Beach Boys, Diplo, Skrillex and Jeremiah to name a few. He understands that a song isn't just supposed to sound good, it has got to feel good and deliver an emotional impact to the listener.

Mixing, Session Musician/Vocal - Chrishawkes


Mixing, Session Musician/Vocal

I really enjoy the process of helping songwriters and musicians explore and capture their otherwise indescribable stories into sound recordings. My favorite result to reach is for a musician to feel the most high quality, true representation of themselves and a listener to have an unforgettable connection to it.


Music Producer, Composer - Jake


Music Producer, Composer

I create long lasting productions that FULFILL and INSPIRE. I thrive at producing artists, helping them achieve the sound they want. I thrive at composing music for media- from orchestral to hybrid to podcast themes to EDM. I am well versed in mixing and mastering with nearly 7 years of experience under my belt. Let's create something together.

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