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Remixer Producer Mix/Mastering
Cumbria, UK
2 Reviews
  • Remixing - $400/Song
  • Producers - $300/Song
  • Mixing Engineers - $300/Song
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Hi I'm a UK Composer, Producer and Remix Specialist. I can make 'Club' ready or 'Radio' Ready versions of your Song. I specialise in Dance, DnB, EDM and Pop. I have a UK Home Studio, mixing/master certs from point blank, I use state of the art Hardware and Software to get that Epic, commercial Song that sounds amazing on any sound system!

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London, UK

    Japanese singer,songwriter and session guitarist.Studying classical vocal,guitar style and Japanese traditional music at the university in Japan. From 2014 ,Working with some R&B,Hip Hop singers,producers and Indie Rock musicians as a session guitarist and also performing myself as a singer songwriter based in London.

    Photo of Media BCD

    Media BCD

    Remote Mixing, Music Producer
    Montreal, QC, Canada
    • Mixing Engineers - $250/Song
    • Recording Studios - $300/Day
    • Editing - $30/Track
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    Hi! welcome to Media BCD.

    Photo of RoboCLIP


    Salt Lake City, UT
    • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
    • Editing - $30/Track
    • Time alignment - Quantizing - $30/Track
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    I work on original production including experimental ambient break beats, EDM and film scores. I also do dialog mixing and sound design.

    Photo of José Pablo Ibarra

    José Pablo Ibarra

    Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
    • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
    • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song
    • Editing - $50/Track
    • 4 More...

    I've been producing artists in Mexico City for the past five years. Mixing is my thing. I specialize in many different genres from soul to electronic and have no judgement against any musical genre.

    Photo of Royal Family Productions

    Royal Family Productions

    Quality Mixing and Mastering
    Atlanta, GA, USA
    1 Review
    • Mixing Engineers - $150/Song
    • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
    • Editing - $40/Track
    • 3 More...
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    Royal Family Productions is a company that focuses on helping our clients reach their goals. We work with you to make your vision come to life!

    Photo of Mr.72


    Mixing ,Mastering,Live FOH
    1 Review
    • Mixing Engineers - $1000/Song
    • Mastering Engineers - $100/Song
    • Recording Studios - $400/Day
    • 6 More...

    Over 1000 albums, 500 concerts & 20 years in Mandarin Pop Music

    Photo of Rich Bischoff

    Rich Bischoff

    Mixing Mastering Guitarist
    Perry, UT, USA
    • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
    • Recording Studios - $500/Day
    • Electric Guitar - $70/Song
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    I'm a guitarist who has been involved in music production for the last 25 years. My studio in Utah has some of the best mic pres from Neve to Focusrite etc. My main goal is to make sure the song gets served and that the mix or master of the song presents it in the best light. I've have won a local songwritting contest for the last 4 years in a row.

    Photo of Gunnar Karel Masson

    Gunnar Karel Masson

    Composer - Sound gatherer
    Reykjavík, Iceland
    • Composer Orchestral - $250/Song
    • Producers - $250/Song
    • Sound Design - $100/Minute
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    Gunnar Karel was born in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1984. He started studying music at an early age and has played a diverse range of instruments. As a composer Gunnar mainly focuses on chamber music as he finds that his music gets the attention it deserves in smaller setups.