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Make you sound beautiful - Falling Glass Studio

Hi my name is Rob Lynn and I am a freelance Recording and Mixing Engineer from Los Angeles, CA. I have experience in almost every genre and I work very closely with my clients to ensure they are happy with the end product!

Recording and Mixing studios. - Monopattino Recording Studios

Monopattino Recording Studios is: Peppe De Angelis. Sound Engineer, graduate in the 1997 at SAE institute Milano. My 20 years experience credits include A-class recording studios,knowledge of large format Recording Consoles (vintage Cadac,Neve,SSL,Api), Analog multitrack machines(Studer,Otari,Mci), Microphone placement,DAWs,and Pro-Tools operator.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Alessio Meleo

Hi, my name is Alessio Meleo and are a sound engineer at the certificate C.R.E.A. in Italy (Research Center audiovisual processing). I have much experience in recording/mixing studios and working for many years with ProTools and Cubase and Wavelab, depending on the work that we must carry out (production, editing, mixing, mastering).

Music/Film Producer - SS.KEV

the ability to think of what to come next is one of my brains virtues

Hip Hop & R&B Music Producer  - Kieh

Ive been producing and engineering for about 5 years now, and I work out of ProTools with the entire Slate Digital Bundle and Waves Bundle and many more plugins.

EDM and Trap Music Producer - seif waleed

I'm a Producer, Mixing, and Mastering engineer! I have been producing music since 2018 as an independent artist, and now I'm confident enough to help others with their mixing and mastering

Rock Session Singer-Topliner - Mikael Symptoms

A High range, rasp rock singer-songwriter with over fifteen-year history of trying to conquer the stage. I’ve been involved in many bands and interesting projects over the course of years. I've entered top 20 in the "Serbia's got talent" show. Also, my tracks are being used in Youtube, TV and commercials projects all over the world.

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