Music Producer - Alavei


Music Producer

Alavei Forhad is blending techno and trap elements and sometimes house elements into his music which confuses people but gives them the wonder.

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Vocalist, Producer, Engineer - jwln


Vocalist, Producer, Engineer

Indie vocalist, My mom says I have a gentle voice, Hip Hop / R&B producer, Good guy


Creating hot sauce - Tom


Creating hot sauce

I specialize in creating hot sauce - albeit the creation of it, or adding that special ingredient making your hot sauce really, really hot.


Mixing, Mastering, Producing - Studio


Mixing, Mastering, Producing

My name is David Stanmore from Studio Moderato, and I am a young producer, musician, mixing and mastering engineer from Serbia. I will mix and master your songs, record guitars, drums, bass for almost any genre you want me to.

Mixing, Producing, Beatmaking, - Nitro


Mixing, Producing, Beatmaking,

My name is Owen aka Nitro X Music and I will produce your track and make you custom beats. I will also mix your vocals. I have over 100 subscribers on youtube and am passionate about all things music! The beats on my soudcloud page are available for licensing. Please contact for the price.


Violin | Viola | Arranging - Jinty


Violin | Viola | Arranging

Improvising, playing a chart, writing a chart...I've got you covered! I've recorded an entire 24 piece orchestra of myself, written string arrangements for all kinds of genres, and recorded on several tracks with string quartet ATLYS. Full set up for remote solo tracking, but can bring my quartet in if you're looking for a unified string sound.

Mixing, Producing, Mastering - Solidsinewave


Mixing, Producing, Mastering

Hello, my name is Daniel and thank you for your interest in my services. I have background in recording, producing mixing and mastering music in many types of genres.


Record Producer/Mixer/Engineer - Louis


Record Producer/Mixer/Engineer

Record Producer/Mixer/Studio Owner. Music Lover.

Nashville Session Drummer - bividrums


Nashville Session Drummer

If you are ready to take your songs to the next level, I am set up to help! You will get the “Nashville” large room drum tracks you’ve been looking for. Let's make some music together. Check out songs I've played on here:

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