Mix & master, music producer - Thomas




Mix & master, music producer

I'm working as a sound engineer and music producer in Nice, France with Alix Stanford, a Grammy-winning engineer with great references like J-Lo, David Guetta, Rihanna, Akon...

Remote Mixing & Mastering - NoFun


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Stop letting your incredible ideas vanish with time, and get them put down on record the way you imagine them sounding. I can help you get there, and honor your artistic expression with the treatment it deserves.

Mixing, Editing, Mastering - JacobCardinal


Mixing, Editing, Mastering

Professional Recording, Mixing and Mastering. Credits include: A$AP Ferg, Kehlani, Young MA, 88Glam, Corneille, and many more.

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 Mixing, Mastering - Serj


Mixing, Mastering

Hello, my name is Serj. I'm mixing engineers / producers, based in Kiev, Ukraine.


Sound Design - Rubrik

Brescia BS

Sound Design

I am a Sound Designer for Games and Movies


Songwriter and singer - Onyeka


Songwriter and singer

‘Dripping gold’ Dripping gold X3 Feels like you always on my mind I’m thinking straight but it’s all about you Take my time to figure out Don’t exaggerate Not taking this way too serious Ah aaaaa- ahhhh You dripping gold all through the edges You dripping gold X3


Music Producer - gt-studio


Music Producer

gt-studio on SoundBetter


Remote Music Production - Summersault

Melbourne VIC

Remote Music Production

Our music and art is inspired by the world of aesthetics. It is in constant search of the unknown, diving into realms of self-transcendence, empowerment and undiscovered beauty. It deals with concepts such as childhood curiosity, existential angst and the beauty of the everyday. We collaborate with artists around the world.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Matthew

New York

Remote Mixing & Mastering

Mixing and mastering engineer in studios where top hip-hop and pop artists record.


Songwriter Vocal Expert, Coach - Angelo




Songwriter Vocal Expert, Coach

Father, Husband, fan of Jesus. Vocal producer, song designer are just titles. I'm just here to work for you. I want to help you make something beautiful.

Recording & Mixing Engineer - Milos


Recording & Mixing Engineer

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