Mixtering Engineer - Aran



Tel Aviv

Mixtering Engineer

I believe your music deserves to always sound at its best anywhere. ​ I want your listeners to enjoy your music, your audience to always wait for your new, beautiful sounding release, and the social media and radio stations to go crazy about it,  That's what makes me happy.

Flamenco guitarist - Eyal



Tel Aviv Israel

Flamenco guitarist

Oleeeee !!! My Flamenco guitars are waiting for your song,the highest level of flamenco guitar,over 20 years of playing on tours and studios,collaborating with Avishai Cohen, Gipsy Kings and more.

Music Production & Services   - The

Tel Aviv

Music Production & Services

Amit Shtriker (Shtik) at the Shtik factory offers a very unique point of view on a wide range of music services from music production and artist development to session bass playing, with ultimate attention to the emotion and sincerity of the performance throughout every stage of the production.

A-list Bass Player & Producer  - Uri-



New York

A-list Bass Player & Producer

I'm here to provide expressive bass & production to make your music stand out! I have over 4000 songs under my belt including platinum records as session bassist & producer. Working with artists I admire like Martha Wash (It's Raining Men), Darlene Love, & David Broza, my passion is making the artist shine in the best light possible.

wind instrument artist  - Jonathan



Tel Aviv

wind instrument artist

Hello and welcome. I'm a professional Flute and Saxophone player which dedicated his life on learning wind instruments and styles from all around the world .I perform and record on flutes and reed instruments such as :Duduk ,Nay, Bansuri ,whistle ,Clarinet ,Zurna ,Fujara, and more. I'm also an experienced Didgeridoo and Shofar player.

Wind instruments and accordion - Salit



Tel Aviv

Wind instruments and accordion

Hey, I'm a multi instrumentalist, playing the Flute, Soprano and Alto saxophone and accordion. I specialize in Brazilian music and salsa but also playing rock, pop and jazz music.

Session Bass Player - ALON

Tel Aviv

Session Bass Player

I am a recording bass player for 40 years and i KNOW how to make your music better. I'm well known all over my country as one of the leading and experienced bass player around, Worked with G.SMITH,STEVE EARL,DAVID BROZA, ACHINOAM NINI,IDAN RAICHEL.

Sound Engineer/Composer - Tal

Los Angeles

Sound Engineer/Composer

Hi My name is Tal and i'm Music Producer/Sound Engineer based in Los Angeles CA. i moved to l.a in January 2016 after having a long and established career in Israel as one of the top professionals in my field.

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