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Amit Shtriker (Shtik) at the Shtik factory offers a very unique point of view on a wide range of music services from music production and artist development to session bass playing, with ultimate attention to the emotion and sincerity of the performance throughout every stage of the production.

Online services include:

Bass Guitar Recording - Send your song to record bass guitar on. The performance style, emotion and sound recording is song specific so as the choice of modern or vintage instruments and various amp setups. you'll get one DI track and two distinctive amp tracks that fit perfectly in your session.

Audio Mixing - Send your song to be mixed. The mixing is done with close attention to the unique sonic signature inherent in the recording, while emphasizing the emotional qualities of the original performance. A good mix is one that FEELS good catches the ear, rather than merely sounding technically "correct".

Pro Tools Editing/Comping - Send your song to be edited, cleaned and professionally prepared for the mixing stage. The editing is tastefully done to correct any glitches while maintaining the human nature of the performance.

Vocal track tuning - Send your song with the vocals to be tuned with care so your emotional performance stays intact. No one will ever be able to notice that your vocals have been tuned (if that is your aim, of course).

Artist Development and Creative Consulting Sessions via Skype - This special one of a kind service will help you achieve your artistic and professional goals with a unique approach on maximizing your creative potential, and beyond.

Feel free to contact me with any question you might have.

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Tom White - Strangers

I was the Producer, Bass Player, Engineer & Mixer in this production

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