Music producer and engineer  - Carambo


Music producer and engineer

With 15+ years of experience in music production and mixing / mastering, I will help you arrange your songs, add production if necessary, mix and master your tracks.

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Recoding Mixing Engineer - Naruki


Recoding Mixing Engineer

I am a Japanese recording, mixing engineer. I have been working as a sound engineer since 2012 in Japan. I was working at a studio in Japan, and I have created mainly by Advertisement music with Japanese companies. Of course, I also recorded by many bands music and incidental music with regarding TV or Cinema.


Pianist, composer, songwriter - Milana




Pianist, composer, songwriter

Multi-award winning pianist, composer and singer-songwriter. I collaborated with 100+ composers and songwriters around the world.

Remote Podcast Editing - Ryan


Remote Podcast Editing

I have been recording a remote podcast, syncing voice tracks simultaneously recorded in different locations, for two years. I am able to add music, sound effects, and transform raw spoken word vocal tracks into fully mastered final episodes ready for digital publication in under a week.


Drummer, recording/writing - Alessandro

33033 Codroipo

Drummer, recording/writing

Writing and recording drum parts is a work of creativity, concentration and sound, and I love it!

Songwriter, Producer, Vocalist - Javier




Songwriter, Producer, Vocalist

I'm a singer songwriter and guitarist from Barcelona who specialises in Spanish & Latin music. I am a very versatile musician who has sung and recorded different genres such as latin pop, folk, flamenco, bachata, salsa, and even Portuguese fado. I excel at writing top melodies.

Music Producer / Engineer  - Jonathan




Music Producer / Engineer

I am a professional music producer and sound engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. I have access to a NEVE VR analogue console (48 channels) in a very good sounding room with high end analogue outboard running on a Pro Tools HDX system with top AD/DA converters.

Music Producer  - prod.

New Jersey

Music Producer

my confidence tells me i will be one of the best producers you come across in this generation. if not, it is my goal to become one of the best. i would really appreciate any support possible, i am a genuine human being & i really want to progress in the world of music


Producer/Composer/Arranger - Psychosound



Creative and Professional Music Production, Composition and Arrangement Services. Get your music or song a new skin with a fresh arrangement. Get your Film, TV, jingle, commercial or video game project a original composition, orchestration or sound design that it deserve. Get your lyrics an original song with a solid groove or beat...

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