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Photo of Union Village Studio

Union Village Studio is a Productions & Recording Studio located Downtown Brampton, Ontario Canada with professional equipment, staff and atmosphere to bring your creative ideas to life.


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Photo of Taylr

My name is Taylr. I have been making music in every genre under the sun since I was 15. Let me show you what I can do vocally. Let me show you what I can do on quite a few instruments. Check out my website ATAYLRTAPE.com to see what I like to do. (614)5167088 to reach me.

Photo of john

My life is dope and I do dope things.

Photo of Chordwork Productions

Recording studio based in Midrand

Photo of Giano, Twoclick Studio

I'm an Engineer (sound design, mixing, mastering) & Producer working in Rome. I've been working mainly with HipHop underground artists in my city, such as: Bestierare, Suarez GDB, Supremo73, Chiky Realeza, Lord Madness, RST crew (Brome,Nemz), and many others. I've also been working as ghost producer for some EDM and Downtempo artists.

Photo of Alias Audio

I've mixed and recorded over 600 since I became a full time audio engineer, 7 years ago. I have very reasonable rates, and work on music because I love doing it. I'm more interested in working on a variety of projects than charging more for fewer.

Photo of Wayne Cheng

The growing interest in artificial intelligence is a result of the recent technological advancements in machine learning. The invention of Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) allow machines to generate large datasets. This enables the development of technologies to aid in the creative process, such as creating

Photo of Jesse Vainio

I'm a professional mixing engineer with more than 20 years of experience. A few Billboard topping, dozens of gold and platinum albums across different genres but more importantly hundreds of happy clients. I run my own mixing facility with best possible gear, analog & digital.

Photo of Kieran Wagstaff

Currently located at Fader Mountain sound in Vancouver BC, Kieran strives to create original and exciting mixes for all types of music to give your songs the best possible chance at success, including documentaries and short films.

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