Editor & Mixer - Adam




Editor & Mixer

Do you want to take your work to the next level? I'm a professional recording engineer, Pro Tools editor and mixer. I have years of experience working with some of the best musicians and producers in the business. Whether it be vocal tuning, drum editing or mixing, I will give you the professional touch you're looking for, at an affordable price.

Producer/Engineer/Musician - Steve



At the end of the day - gear and tones and techniques aside - making great music is about relationship. My primary focus, before mics and instruments and plugins (though I've got plenty), is YOU. Let's make music together.

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Guitar Overdubs - Jan


Guitar Overdubs

Colorful guitar overdubs for your song!

Pop Production, Mix Engineer - Kyle




Pop Production, Mix Engineer

Billboard Charting producer, multiple label cuts, & network tv syncs Producer with Our Last Night I specialize in modern pop & cinematic tracks (Think Bulow, Billie Eilish, Bea Miller, & Hidden Citizens) I have worked with top writers, producers, & artists (The people behind Sean Mendez, Chain Smokers, Eminem, Selena Gomez, etc)

Music Producer - Seb


Music Producer

Music producer from London. I make sure that the tracks I produce are 100% original and stand out from the rest.

Producer & Vocalist - Yishay

Tel Aviv

Producer & Vocalist

I am creating music for commercials in the last 18 years. Performing as a session vocalist, and doing a lot of producing, mixing and mastering for pop & edm artists.


Ghostwriting, Songwriting  - Sebastiano


Ghostwriting, Songwriting

I believe music comes from the heart and has the ability to change peoples lives. With a passion for creative writing and at least 6 years experience in the music industry I really want to use my talent to help others. I believe everyone has a message, a vision but not many people have the ability to express what they really want on paper.


Mixing & Mastering, Producer - ChillerSpy


Mixing & Mastering, Producer

I'm a High School student at Fort Hayes Career Center and getting my Pro Tools and Ableton Live Certifications. I am planning to be eventually going to Berklee.


Producer.  - Vladimir

St. Petersburg


Producer, talent scout, A&R manager.


Mixing And Mastering Engineer - william

New York

Mixing And Mastering Engineer

Hey, I am a New York Based mixing and engineer, I have worked on many songs along the line and I hope to see you on my client's list!


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