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Vocalist/Songwriter/Pianist  - Khadijah Rose

Hey, beautiful people! I'm Khadijah--Singer/Songwriter/Pianist/Vocal Arranger I'm a professional creative artist and I can record high quality songs/ demo & sessions. I can sing & write in many different genres. As a studio vocalist, clients hire me for my abilities & talents in music. Available for demos & sessions, writing, collabs, &arranging.

Producer, Engineer, Studio, DJ - Justin K

Professional producer and engineer based in Los Angeles

Life all the way  - Lady Divine

I’m a professional singer, songwriter, and actress!

Session Guitarist - John Gibson Music

Passionate guitar player, singer, songwriter, producer & musician. Let's get in touch!

Songwriting and production. - Thomas Austin

Beats, Synth lines, Ghost production, you name it, I do it.

Multi-Genre Producers Engineer - NooAliasNeeded

Uni grad in music, toured around the world with roisin and been a teacher at a number of schools to popular artists you know

Pop&EDM Producer/Writer/Mixer - Trevor Vickers

Multi instrumentalist Producer, Songwriter, and mix engineer. Worked with artists on Def Jam, Atlantic, Armada, Tooth & Nail, & More.

Live/ Studio Bass Player - Wyatt Rydlewski

A versatile player looking to elevate your track or live show with the perfect bottom end, known for work with Hodera, Timalikesmusic, the Mykesoul Collective, and Human Zoo among many others. For sounds both vintage and modern to support your arrangements with pocket and taste.

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