Session guitarist, Cover song  - Thor

13836 Cossato

Session guitarist, Cover song

7 string, metal, rock, pop,solo, recording, song composer

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Sound Creator - Stenoff

14000 Caen

Sound Creator

Permanent rough-diamond seeker. Let my sounds be the gold claw-set of yours.


Pianist, Drummer, composer - Giulio


Pianist, Drummer, composer

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer based in northern Italy. I'm proficient in Pop, Rock and Heavy Metal production as well as in Classic and Soundtrack scoring. I have worked on countless albums over the years. Check out my playlist to find out which ones.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Andrea


Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Sound Engineer based in Rome and specialised in Alternative (Rock, Hard Rock, Punk, Ska, Reggae) music for musicians that thinks those are first class music genres. If you're serious, determined, and clear focused in what you do and what you want, I'm the man for you.


Amateur Vocalist - Lillith

Grand Junction

Amateur Vocalist

Self-taught Vocalist with Metal/Rock background heavy influcences from Amy Lee of Evanescence


Producer, Songwriter, Vocalist - David


Producer, Songwriter, Vocalist

Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Session Vocalist, & Former GM of Sound Kitchen Studios in Nashville TN.

Guitar Player, Mixing - Jane

New York

Guitar Player, Mixing

Hello all


Singer/Songwriter  - Nonso



Experienced songwriter in Pop, R&B & Rock. My expertise lies in writing lyrics, melodies & song structure. My experience has taught me to always listen to clients' ideas for the song, and incorporate their ideas into the song to tell the story in the most beautiful way possible, and that's how to leave the client satisfied.


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