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The new SoundMarket offers world-class technology and services in a comfortable cottage environment in Wolfville.

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Arranging and producing Music - Peter Fakhry Sanad

I'm Peter a Pianist, Music Producer and Arranger I've been playing Piano Since 2002, I started my career as a professional musician in 2011. in 2012 I started arranging music. and in 2014 I started working in the Music production Field in professional Studios I like to work on Pop, Latin and Jazz Music and I like to compose and play my own Music

 - Joel Bruyere

Studio Production Mix Songwriting Engineering Design

Creative Songwriter - Tolu Yero

An all encompassing strategist. Find your sound with me.

Beat Maker,Music Producer - Christian Santos

I do beats for some of youtubers videos for their channel, I also make beats for some of local artist

Authentic African Sounds - FrankyG Music


Music Producer and songwriter for your Afrobeat, Gospel, Hip Life, and Soul music production. I can also provide female and male vocals for your project!

Owner@IA studios, musicologist - I A studios

Composing, Arrangements , balancing, mixing, mastering

Artist/Songwriter - Cash Freezo

Alpha Omega Out now ❤️

Session Vocalist and Topliner - Noah Cunane


An accomplished Vocalist/Songwriter with a world-class talent with skills in a wide catalog of genres from soulful r&b to emotional rock/emo. He has worked with top industry producers like Andrew Goldstein to the likes of Omer Fedi and many more. His dedicated engineer will provide you w/ professionally edited and tuned vocals at time of delivery.

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