Electronic Music Specialists - Dark



San Francisco Bay Area

Electronic Music Specialists

FINISH YOUR TRACK WITH US! Mixing, Mastering, Production + More

Producer Mixing & Mastering  - Matteo



San Francisco

Producer Mixing & Mastering

Pro mixing and mastering engineer and highly creative producer. I guarantee i will take your songs to the next level and i will provide you with feedbacks to improve your productions. Credits include Jon Sine and Axsens Music.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - OwlCove



San Francisco

Recording, Mixing, Mastering

OwlCove Productions is a boutique production company, specializing in high quality recording, mixing, and mastering. We also offer the services of some of the industries most legendary session musicians. Whether you are looking for an immaculate vocal tuning that retains the emotion of the original, or a whole album produced, we can do it!

2-time Grammy-Winning Mixer - Nahuel




2-time Grammy-Winning Mixer

I work with artists from a broad range of genres. From writing string arrangements for solo artists, diving deep into a full day of tracking at the studio, or focusing on a specific frequency band to solve a tonal problem on a song I am mixing, the focus of my work is always on the music. Things need to feel good, sound amazing and be compelling.

Producer | Songwriter | Singer - James



San Francisco Bay Area

Producer | Songwriter | Singer

I'm a producer and award-winning songwriter from the California Bay Area. You probably have heard many of my songs in commercials and hit TV shows without evening knowing it! My forte is in creating ear-catchy productions that leave listeners humming their melodies for weeks to come. I would love to meet you and hear more about your next project!

Mixing or Mastering - Matt



San Francisco

Mixing or Mastering

MIXING - I work with Americana & Heavy Rock bands to bring clarity, power & strength to their mixes. I've spent 25 years in the trenches learning how to create solid radio-ready mixes. MASTERING - It's simple. I take your mixes and make sure they translate, are sonically competitive with your genre, and pleasing to listen to.

Production Engineering Vocals - Mr.David



San Francisco Bay Area

Production Engineering Vocals

Hi, I'm David Verity. I've worked with several Grammy-award winning professionals and have over 15 years of singing, songwriting, production, and mixing experience. My music production credits include Amazon, Bravo TV, and more. 2 x John Lennon Songwriting Award & USA Songwriting award winner. Let me help you make great records.

Mixing and Mastering - Varun




Mixing and Mastering

$20 - First song mastered for a new client! Imaginative, affordable engineer. Engineer for MTV2 “Bay Area Breakout Artists” Series, The Lovemakers, The Monophonics, and The Deadwesterns.

Recording and Mixing Engineer - Ryan




Recording and Mixing Engineer

I'm a professional recording and mixing engineer who's been working for the past 9 years and have made over 100+ records for bands ranging in styles. My credits include Mom Jeans., Just Friends, and Save Face, and labels such as Pure Noise Records and Epitaph Records.

Producer / Engineer / Musician - Adam



San Francisco

Producer / Engineer / Musician

What's up I am a San Francisco based songwriter & producer passionate about making music. I have been active in the Bay Area music scene and beyond for 20+ years, producing, recording & managing projects in professional studios, composing licensing work from scores to content for The North Face, as well as self-producing my own music.

Session and live drumming  - Jason




Session and live drumming

I've recorded drums and percussion on over 100 albums. I am motivated by finding the right part for each song. Feel, groove, and musicianship are at the heart of what I do every time I sit down at the drum set. I focus on finding the right tones and getting the best performance for your track.

Producer,Composer,Bass Player - Frank



San Francisco

Producer,Composer,Bass Player

Hello! What do I bring to your project? Groove, Originality and Honesty. I have many years of record making and touring experience and still get excited about and believe in the magic. Sounds cheesy to read?...let's talk.

Mix Engineer/Music Producer - Keith



San Francisco

Mix Engineer/Music Producer

I’m a full-time freelance mix engineer and music producer from San Francisco, CA. I have almost 20 years of experience, and have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing artists over the years, including Bay Area metal legends Machine Head, Social Studies, and The Sam Chase.

Session Guitarist and Vocalist - Jason

San Francisco

Session Guitarist and Vocalist

20+ year experienced professional guitarist and vocalist... available for your session. I can also record remotely in my home studio. I am also a producer and mix engineer.

Powerful Female Vocalist - Mandy



San Leandro

Powerful Female Vocalist

If you're looking for a singer with power and versatility, I've got you covered. Whether you need back-ups, harmonies or lead vocals, I will deliver a vocal performance that captures the attention of your listeners.

Music Producer lots of horns - Adam


Music Producer lots of horns

Leader of Jazz Mafia, one of the most in-demand Horn Sections on the West Coast. Theis has produced and co-written music for notable artists such as Lyrics Born, Zion-I, Beats Antique, Galactic, Ledesi and Blackalicious. His horns have recorded with: Otis McDonald, Amplive, Nick Waterhouse The Velvet Teen, The New Master Sounds and dozens more.

Composing and producing - Matthew



San Francisco Bay Area

Composing and producing

I score films and games to drive powerful emotional responses


Bassist - Eric





Eric McCann, a seasoned bassist, has been playing bass since 1971 performing with the likes of Carlos Santana, Al Di Meola, Bonnie Raitt, Clarence Clemons, and Joan Baez amongst many others.


Song writer, Producer - Adam



San Francisco

Song writer, Producer

I will produce you a beat or write a catchy hook/chorus for your song.


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