These professional bassoonists will write, arrange, perform, and record on tracks in any style or genre you need

Bassoon player - Jenice

Los Angeles

Bassoon player

Accomplished Los Angeles based free lance/session bassoonist performing in Commercial, Broadway, Film Score, Orchestral, and Chamber Music. Performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl, Prince/ Clare Fisher Orchestra, and played the premiere revival of Charlie Chaplin's film The Circus with his original score at Chaplin Studios


Session Bassoonist - Eric


Session Bassoonist

Multi-genre bassoonist. Recorded/performed for Undertale LIVE; Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories. I've performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and collaborated with many folk groups (Henhouse Prowlers, Baladino, and Alash). When you work with me, you'll get all the character of the bassoon's sound with very little of the distracting key noise.

Session Bassoonist  - Dan

San Diego

Session Bassoonist

Performed in a number of top ensembles, including symphony, opera, ballet, and for rock groups.

DJ, Music Producer - Daamy


DJ, Music Producer

Techno Bunker, Future House, Tech House, Melodic Techno, Trance, Psytrance


Pro Saxophone Artist - Chris


Pro Saxophone Artist

Professional and college educated musician with 20+ years of experience. Hired by and shared stages with artist such as The Temptations, Trey Anastasio, Cameron Williams, Sam Bush, The Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra, and many others. Precision melodies, jazz/funky solos, elegant classical, and everything in between delivered with heart and soul.


Remote Oboe/Flute Performer - Pearl


Remote Oboe/Flute Performer

☆ Hello, my name is Alex, and I'm a remote session player on flute & oboe.


Keyboards, Vocals, Utility - Brady


Keyboards, Vocals, Utility

Would love to add a special touch to your project! I have toured across the U.S. and internationally with acts like Will Hoge, Maggie Rose, Jesse Isley, and The Morrison Brothers. I’ve performed on numerous recordings, and appeared on both daytime television and The Late Show with David Letterman.

Vocals ,Recording Studio - TLV

Tel Aviv

Vocals ,Recording Studio

we can provide a perfect vocal for you song (Opera, pop , classical ,Jazz ) we can sing in English , Italian , German and Hebrew. we can record live Acoustic Instruments ( Cello , Violin , Basson , Classical Guitar , Strings)

Pro Saxes, Flutes, Clarinets + - Josh

New York

Pro Saxes, Flutes, Clarinets +

From Hollywood to Bollywood, cabarets to Carnegie Hall, shows like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Madam Secretary, Red Dead Redemption 2, Broadway, and much more, I've accumulated a pretty diverse resume. Through these opportunities I have mastered dozens of woodwinds and musical genres. And I'm excited to bring all that to your next project!

Music Producer and Composer - Kaizo


Music Producer and Composer

Really I've only worked for friends in the past, but I'm self taught and very familiar with music theory and the software that I use. I really enjoy producing music and I hope I can have the chance to make a name for myself on here. Any reasonable price is okay, I would be happy to let the employer decide.


Orchestral Academy - New

Miami Beach

Orchestral Academy

The New World Symphony, America’s Orchestral Academy, prepares graduates of distinguished music programs for leadership roles in professional orchestras and ensembles. A laboratory for the way music is taught, presented and experienced, the New World Symphony consists of 87 young musicians who are granted fellowships lasting up to three years.


Writer Producer Bass Player  - Jerry

Wendyhouse Productions Ltd.London UK

Writer Producer Bass Player

Bass player writer/producer for Robbie Williams/ Bryan Ferry/Stevie Wonder/ Owner of Wendyhouse In london for 20 years.

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