World Bass Electric

These curated pro electric bassists will lay down solid low-end grooves for your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Session Bassist/Arranger - Bruno

State of Rio de Janeiro

Session Bassist/Arranger

Need bass? Look no further! Electric, fretless or upright. Bassist for The Four Brasil, The Voice Brasil, Frejat, Simone, Ivan Lins, Milton Nascimento, Marcos Valle, Ana Carolina, Maria Gadú, Paulinho Moska, Lobão, and many others. 30 years of studio and stage experience - and I'll put it to good use while recording bass tracks for you.

Session Musician/Bassist - Jose


Session Musician/Bassist

Grammy winner, over 1900 songs recorded (Electric bass, doublebass and baby bass), 7 grammy nominations. I have my own studio based in Medellín - Colombia.

Session Bassist from Argentina - Leandro

Buenos Aires

Session Bassist from Argentina

Responsibility and good audio at work. Bass player for 17 years and I have been making professional recordings for 10 years, I play Argentine Folklore, Tango, Electronic Tango, Funk, Rock, Uruguayan Candombe and Reggae. I have the necessary equipment to provide good audio in the recordings. Good quality 4 and 5 string basses.

Multi Instruments / Producer - Rodrigo


Multi Instruments / Producer

A Miami session musician available for recording/ arranging/ producing fretted, fretless bass, any type of guitar, slide guitar, baritone, synths, Rhodes & drums. Bassist for Electric Kif, Roosevelt Collier. Has toured Europe, South America, Africa, and the U.S., performing with national and international artists, Grammy winners and nominees.

Session Brazilian Bassist  - Léo


Session Brazilian Bassist

I'm a Brazilian bassist and I can record the bass lines of your song! :)

Sesion Electric Bassist - German

São Paulo

Sesion Electric Bassist

I have the credentials, skills, good attitude and love for music to bring your vision to life


electric/upright bass player - Rodrigo

Rio de Janeiro

electric/upright bass player

I am a brazilian electric and acoustic bass player. I have played with Milton Nascimento, Jobim´s family (for 15 years), Martnalia (for 7 years) and many others famous artists from Brazil. I play various styles including jazz, pop, samba, bossa nova, baião, samba jazz and others. I am ready to hear from you the sound you need for your recording.

Bass Player - Lucas


Bass Player

Brazilian bass player, active on local and national scene in brazilian instrumental music, funk, soul, jazz, pop. Want a good bass line for you song? Please call me!

Music composer & producer - Francisco


Music composer & producer

Latin Grammy nominated 2014 for best alternative album with the band Centavrvs, Bass & Guitar player, Lapsteel player, composer & producer from Mexico.


Bass-Electric/Fretless/Upright - Trifon

New York


It's all about the music, your music. I can offer you the most fitting and supportive bass lines for your music. Talent and music are to share.


Session Bass Player & Vox - Joe


Session Bass Player & Vox

Weathered live & studio session bass player, active and available to record and tour.

Music Producer - Emanuel


Music Producer

I'm a composer/bass player who works in many genres including pop,jazz,rock,reggae,calypso(soca),classical and anything that comes to my mind as a creator of music. I've arranged and produced for many Caribbean artists in the past, and my works can be heard on YouTube.


Sitar + Bass + Composer - Becky

Los Angeles

Sitar + Bass + Composer

I play the sitar, bass guitar, and guitar. I write songs, and I make music for film and videos. Most of my work has been with with Jason Mraz, and Raining Jane. I played bass and sitar on Mraz's 2014 album "Yes!" Listen to my project For The Horses on Spotify to hear more sitar work of mine.

Vocals/Bass/Rhythm Guitar/ - Jean


Vocals/Bass/Rhythm Guitar/

I am a singer/songwritter and multi-instrumentalist specializing in both American and 'World Music' in genres. I have performed for English Soul Icon 'Omar' as well as with Grammy nominated 'Gonzalo Grau y La Clave Secreta' among others. I also sing in 6 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Wolof, etc...) so please ask!

Music Producer, Guitarist - John


Music Producer, Guitarist

I specialize in finger-style classical / Spanish guitar. I have four self-produced full-length albums and several YouTube viral hit songs. I compose my own music as well as make guitar arrangements of everything from classical to pop.


Bass, Piano, Synth and Produce - Gianluca

Buenos Aires

Bass, Piano, Synth and Produce

Gianluca Bonfanti Mele is a Brazilian Born, living in Argentina, Bass and Double Bass Player, which has been active in live and studio gigs for more than 15 years now. Found his way through music by discovering and investigating multiple Genres and Styles, as well as instruments (piano, guitar and others). For 8 years now, works at his home studio!

Session Bassist, Sound Design - Richard

New York

Session Bassist, Sound Design

(working on it) Bassist, FX artist, and sound designer.

Composer Arranger Bassist - T$ak


Composer Arranger Bassist

Hi, I am Tamer (T$Ak), I compose and produce music projects. Also I am a professional bassist. I am specialized in variety of genres; including but not limited to smooth jazz, blues, funk, rock and pop. Also I like Oriental/western fusions, and experimenting new music


Bass, Sound Design, Production - Bruno

São Paulo

Bass, Sound Design, Production

Multi-intrumentalist sound designer and producer. Arranges, composes and plays acoustic and electric fretless bass, blues harmonica, percussion, fife, sings and performs at musical, theatrical and circus shows. Familiar with Ableton Live, Pro Tools and LMMS.

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