Classical Bass Electric

These curated pro electric bassists will lay down solid low-end grooves for your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Remote Double Bass Sessions - Rory


Remote Double Bass Sessions

I do remote sessions for film/TV/media composers from my studio. I have played on a wide variety of shows and releases in varying styles. Whether you need bass for several film cues, a whole album or just one song, get in touch and I'm sure I'll be able to help.

All things low end - John

San Antonio

All things low end

From Bluegrass to Death Metal and everything in between. Bass for all occasions. Upright Bass, Fretless and fretted electric bass work.


Producer/ /Arranger/ /Player  - Pablo

Buenos Aires

Producer/ /Arranger/ /Player

Real good Bassist & Guitarist... But World Class Strings & Brass Arranger

Orchestral Music Production - The

Buenos Aires

Orchestral Music Production

If you need an orchestra composition and production, or a cover art, get right into us, we are all about that Sheet.

Artist-Producer-Visionary - Steve

Salt Lake City


Master of all genres from playing to production to Mixing/Master to Art to Distribution.


Composer, Pianist, Bass player - bemol


Composer, Pianist, Bass player

Award winning pianist, classically trained, with experience in multiple genres


 mix, mastering, recording.  - Beta

Tel Aviv

mix, mastering, recording.

Beta Studio specializing in mix, mastering, recording, ​and production. Provides the best services for all the musical needs. Make your music sound the best it can!


Guitar, Bass, Composition  - Conor


Guitar, Bass, Composition

Guitarist and composer, specialising in classical guitar but, confident across many genres and styles. Composition style ranges from contemporary indie/pop songwriting to contemporary classical.

Session Guitarist, Tracks - Agustín

Buenos Aires

Session Guitarist, Tracks

Guitarist specialized in tango, Session guitarist, I create tracks


Recording Cellist/Guitarist! - Zach

New York

Recording Cellist/Guitarist!

My name is Zach. I am a classically and jazz trained cellist and guitarist. I specialize in recording, writing, and improvising music in multiple styles. Always excited to work on a new project!




I'm always ready to go the extra mile to serve your musical vision. If you are in need of quality guitar tracks, I can offer a variety of genres. Not entirely sure what your song needs? No problem - I'm a thinker, too. I write guitar hooks, melodic lines, solos, rhythm parts, ambient and atmospheric sounds. Whatever your songs need, I got you.


Pianist, keyboardist, producer - Matt

Los Angeles

Pianist, keyboardist, producer

Classically trained pianist who has branched out into jazz, pop, and rock. I can provide anything from neo-soul chord voicings, lush synth textures, shreddy leads, or ballad accompaniment.

Composer,  - Pietro

45100 Rovigo


Are you searching for a professional and high quality classical music score? Do you need an ad jingle, the music for your short moovie, or an epic soundtrack for your rpg video game?! You're in the right place!


Session Trombone player - Greg


Session Trombone player

Professionally trained Trombone player from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire looking to get into the session musician world.


Musician and Composer/Producer - Josh


Musician and Composer/Producer

I've not only participated, but avidly observed music being made in its most adept and mysterious ways. I aim to capture what the audience wants to hear. In the music I write/produce, I aim for a certain sensation, feeling, thought, or image to instill on the listener. I've dedicated myself to my trade and I'm always willing to learn more.


Virtuoso GTR, Classical+Bass - Corey


Virtuoso GTR, Classical+Bass

"Serve The Song." Looking for... Gorgeous nylon string finger-style arrangements? Need a unique sound on nylon string guitar? Want guitar textures that sound like piano? Electric guitar heaviness? Virtuoso bass line parts? Need ideas for expanding an initial piece of writing? Have song that needs arranging or is missing that "something?" Yes.

Composer - Areg



As an aspiring film and contemporary classical composer, I'm experienced in orchestral and non-orchestral composition and production.


Composer, Instrumentalist  - Jon

Los Angeles

Composer, Instrumentalist

Jon plays drums, keyboards, electric bass, and guitar professionally. He composes and engineers music for television, film, web, and live performance.

Music Producer and composer - jazzmaster

São Paulo

Music Producer and composer

Composer for classical, film and popular music. Sound designer and mixing engineer. Podcast audio production specialist.


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Paul


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Recording Engineer with 19 years professional experience in a variety of styles. You name it, I’ve probably put a microphone in front of it at this point.

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