Since 1996 we have helped artists and record companies to reach the market with good sound. We want to continue with it ... Our low price combined with 20 years of experience make this service popular among the customers.
Dexy media delivers professional online mastering of a price everyone can afford!

Mastering brings warmth, clarity and push to your music.
Your stereo mix is listened by the total dynamic and tonal content.
Then made the necessary adjustments before the final master.

Some important advantages with mastering process:
- Album will sound consistent and dynamic
- Music Level raised to a more-dominated sound
- EQ and compression is adjusted for each track on album
- The music sounds optimally on different systems
- Balance between the high and low parts of the song
- Eliminate unwanted noise at the beginning and end of the track
- Edit breaks, fade-in and -out between songs
- ISRC codes on copyright for each track
- Barcode Media Catalog Number (EAN-13)
- CD text information (displayed with some CD players)

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Terms of Service

Mastering: Attached reference song, 3 Revisions, 48 hours turnaround time, no adittional costs.
STEM-mixing: max 8 tracks.

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