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Steve C.

Staff Engineer Wanted in Prominent Los Angeles Recording Studio

Looking for a staff engineer for full-time position. Duties include tracking, mixing, some teaching possibly.

Geremie C.
Geremie C.

Spanish Covers of Popular Music

I need a female artist to record Spanish covers of popular pop songs for Jamtok. Jamtok ( is a gamified education platform aimed...

Jeremiah F.
Jeremiah F.

Need 3 songs mixed

I have 3 smooth jazz songs. Do you do smooth jazz?

Vincent B.

Mixing of Backing track live - Symphonic Metal

Mix of the backing track of the 4 songs for heavy metal symphonic music The mix include orchestra, some choirs, some bass some guitars accord...


Mixing Pop/Rock/Indie Track with Real Instruments

I'm looking to get a song mixed - approximately 24 tracks with lead and backing, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, percussion and a ...

Harley T.

Outside the Box

I am working on an album of instrumental music. My room and ears are not up to the task. The sounds are mostly samples and I need someone who ...



Looking for talented Hip-Hop Producer to do a 1-Song Remix. - Professional attitude, listen to client and willing to take requests - can wor...

Rosae Q.
Rosae Q.


I am finally doing my demo tape and I need 3 songs recorded. I know nothing about recording and I need to create the beats and fine tune my s...

Ben R.

Looking for to have my e.p. mixed and mastered

I have an ep i am looking to have mixed and mastered and eventually a full length later this year. hoping to find someone to work on both.

Tomas L.

25 tracks score instrumental composition mixed and m.

I need 1 composition fully mixed & m. It consists of 25 tracks, they are sampled orchestral libraries.

Cordell A.

Gasoline Rainbows

I just need one original composition mix and mastered, that i recorded on garage band.

Khalista K.
Khalista K.


I need three songs produced. The style is techno/ rock, something like lady gaga's pocker face or bad romance and Nirvana's smells like teen s...

Michael B.
Michael B.

Manburger Surgical LP

I have about 4 songs, shortest is about 10 min and longest is probably 17 min. The songs have many different sections and we didn't play to a ...

Joey T.


3 tracks for mastering


CD Project

I need more than 7 songs with full instrumentation done if I like your sound and we understand what exactly we are looking for.

Recent Successes
  • very hard working team, attention to detail, skills and passion, I ended up with a very nice song unique production a...

  • I worked with François Michaud at Wild Horse Studio and i liked a lot. I needed a woman singer for one song. He atten...

    Job Completed by: Wild Horse Studio / François Michaud
  • I worked with Leo once. I admit the first task I gave him wasn't a small one. Especially with my budget. He did th...

    Job Completed by: Leo Fernandes Handcraft Audio
  • Dan did a stellar job. actually did more than i had expected him to. awesome.

    Job Completed by: Dan Rose Project Studios
  • Fuseroom are professional/communicative/friendly. I gained new insights into refining my sound and was impressed with...

    Job Completed by: Fuseroom Studio
  • Many thanks to Eric! It was very easy to communicate, despite my terrible english. I got exactly what I wanted. Very ...

    Job Completed by: Eric Greedy
  • Firstly I have to say this " He is really loves his job and he really insightful to person who working together" Th...

  • Mike is one of the kindest and greatest guys I've been ever worked with. Perhaps it is not only worth mentioning his ...

    Job Completed by: Mike Makowski
  • Very professional, great top line writer and clean beautiful vocals. She delivers as promised and in excellent audio ...

    Job Completed by: Natalie Major- Female Vocalist
  • Meeting Chuck Sabo through Soundbetter is the best thing that happened to our music. The consummate professional: hel...

    Job Completed by: Chuck Sabo - PRO ATTITUDE!
  • Online Guitar Tracks, i.e. Lars, is a great guy to work with. Fast turnaround, dedicated, involved, very flexible, un...

    Job Completed by: Online Guitar Tracks
  • Gave me a clean, powerful and professional mix/master in a short amount of time! Would definitely recommend Big Bass ...

    Job Completed by: Big Bass Studios