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Sarah G.

Roxie's Debut Rock EP

4-5 songs based in the rock genre but with more of a pop edge. I'm a solo artist, although the typical rock band outfit would be appropriate w...


Logic Pro X engineering lessons for composer in Seattle

I'm a musicianeer who has spent the last 18 months learning Logic while composing music, currently all software tracks, but audio (vocals, ins...

Ninoshka B.
Ninoshka B.

music production

track that needs to be finished development good sound and needs to be completed


Hard Dance (Tek Track) Mixing and Mastering

I need one song mixed and mastered. It is a hard dance track, which I need to improve in sound according to the standards of the new artists a...

Christopher J.

Prospet United Methodist Church Sound Engineer

We are looking for a permanent paid professional to run live sound mixing for our weekly services. We have a 32 channel board with live instru...


Track1AAAA-Midi_File_To_ Be_Created_From_Scratch-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I need a midi file created from scratch with inputs provided as follows: 1)BPM of the Track 2)Each and every note(relative position in a s...

nathan w.

Recording and Mix Engineer in NYC Wanted

Music Producer is looking for recording studio with engineer to record audio and some final mixing and mastering. The producer has several cli...


Relaxing Sound Effects

We are developing audio relaxation apps. We need high quality loops of rivers, rain, fireplace, etc and everything that is considered relaxing...

Miles S.
Miles S.

Miles mox

Need 1single mixed under 25 tracks

Miles S.
Miles S.

Miles Shepperd

Need a hit single


D.J. AKA No Fable

I have a couple songs that need mastering and mixing and production... going for professional quality. ill send a track as mp3 so u can hear a...


Want to team up with an EXPERIENCED engineer.

I need my songs mixed and mastered (radio ready quality) . Making a debut EP. Serious engineers ONLY.

David H.

10 song recording project

I'm looking for lyrics and vocals for a 10 song recording project. You can check out a few tracks here.

So G.


Looking to get a song mixed and mastered. The song is an Afro-pop genre, precisely Nigerian music. Need an engineer who can work on this type ...


As an artist, I'm looking for an engineer trying to partner with my exceptional talent and vision

What I offer is bigger than rap, its spoken word over melodic beats. From start to finish I'm looking to create a Reasonable Doubt or Illmatic...

Recent Successes
  • Thanks Edo! Working with you this 1st time is sure professional quality. I appreciate you for the Oomph to my tick. I...

    Job Completed by: Clubmastering
  • I was very fortunate to work with Andrew. We did a mixing shootout with many engineers, and his mix was one of the be...

  • Meeting Chuck Sabo through Soundbetter is the best thing that happened to our music. The consummate professional: hel...

    Job Completed by: Chuck Sabo - PRO ATTITUDE!
  • Andrew did an amazing job with my tracks. He helped me through the entire process, arranging, recording, mixing, mas...

    Job Completed by: Andrew K Spence Music Producer & Mixer
  • No word to qualify Maestro Mike Makowsky, Your are just wonderful. Thank you so much for the Great Mix you did with ...

    Job Completed by: Mike Makowski
  • I got a great mix from David. He knows how to make your song have a great sound and quality. You should try his servi...

    Job Completed by: David "Dtoolz" Young
  • Excellent - did as asked. Recommended

    Job Completed by: Jamie Muscat
  • if you ask for a very professional, quick, with great ear and great quality, this guy fit for you

    Job Completed by: Mixed By Koen Heldens
  • Mixedbymike was extremely professional, worked quickly, and gave me great results. I had a rather short deadline but...

    Job Completed by: Michael Aleksa
  • Repeat client.. Did a great job once again..

  • Very Good Engineer, Professional, On-time and willing to go the extra mile !

    Job Completed by: I R V I N G
  • Very impressed with the level of professionalism and the priority on turning out great results that guarantee client ...

    Job Completed by: Alex Morelli Music