Session Guitarist  - Bart



The Hague

Session Guitarist

Session guitarist from the Netherlands, specialized in Country, Americana, Rock, Pop, Indie, Funk, Soul, Cinematic, etc. I play electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitar, pedal steel guitar and the occasional banjo/ mandolin/ dobro part. I will try to come up with parts that fit the song's needs and how you envisioned them to achieve a great result!

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Producer, Mixing, Mastering - rkive

New York

Producer, Mixing, Mastering

A tremendous ear for a tasteful track. Best at RnB or any sub genre of Hip Hop (Screw, Juke, Bounce, Trap, East Coast, G Funk, Etc.) Let me help you produce, mix, and master your track to be able to compete with the top studios out there for a reasonable rate.


Session Trumpeter - Brennan




Session Trumpeter

Trumpet player (ODESZA/The Dip) ready to enhance your song with a trumpet solo, a brass top line, some light muted trumpet, is the limit! Specialist in funk/r&b, jazz, electronic music, and indie rock.

Singer, Vocals, Songwriting - Tae



Los Angeles

Singer, Vocals, Songwriting

I'm a singer/songwriter who knows how to give a song/project the love and attention to detail it needs to truly shine. :)

Recording, mixing & mastering - Proud


Recording, mixing & mastering

It is your music. Be proud of it! I started this music studio to work on my own music. It was a hard and interesting journey! Now I work with different artists from different parts of the world. Have mixed and mastered whole albums remotely and recorded various artists in Gothenburg.


Session Bassist & Producer - Leighton

United Kingdom

Session Bassist & Producer

I'm a UK based session bass player and Producer. My recording, touring and production credits include: Calum Scott, The Hoosiers, Kelvin Jones, George Cosby, Kim Wilde, Bob Geldof and many others.

Production/Mixing/Mastering - DatMix



Clean, Loud, and More Vibrant Mixes


Music Producer - Subin


Music Producer

I'm K-pop Music producer. (Exo-cbx, Ftisland, Sf9, ,M.c the max, Kis-my-ft2, Mosta X, Iz*one, Nflying, Astro.. Etc)

Singer/Top Liner/Lyricist - Sonia



Llorenç del Penedès

Singer/Top Liner/Lyricist

Inventive sensitive songwriting. Melody catcher. Imaginative haunting singing. Abstract and poetic. Ecclectic. Enjoys fusion of genres. From Trip-Hop, Indie, Electronic Pop to World, Folk, Jazz. Rich grounded tone, expressive, mellow, agile, atmospheric. Perfumed and sometimes dark story-teller.

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