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Violist/Violinist, Arranger - Kyleen




Violist/Violinist, Arranger

Top acts such as Brandi Carlile, My Morning Jacket, The Decemberists and Father John Misty have hired her for session strings/backing vocals, arranging and live performance. In addition to these abilities, she is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and lead vocalist.

Viola/Violin, String Quartet - Rita



Los Angeles

Viola/Violin, String Quartet

Hello! I am a classically-trained, pop/crossover violist (& violinist). Multi-track arranger, multi-genre player. Happy to receive compositional direction or arrange string parts for you. Member of ATLYS string quartet, also available for hire as a group!

Viola, Violin, Orchestrations - Andrew



New York

Viola, Violin, Orchestrations

Broadway player and award-winning violist who has played in a wide range of settings from Saturday Night Live, to the Houston Symphony Orchestra, to onstage with Lauryn Hill, Pete Townshend, Estelle, and Solange. I've also done orchestrations for classical settings, R&B, and Off-Broadway. Feel free to message me!

Violist, improviser, engineer - Nick




Violist, improviser, engineer

Nick Revel is the founding violist of PUBLIQuartet, who's 2019 album Freedom and Faith was nominated for a GRAMMY™ Award for Best Chamber Music Performance. Nick's award-winning 2017 commission In DayDream was premiered in Carnegie Hall in 2017 and is on his self-recorded and produced debut album Letters to My Future Self (Centaur Records).

Studio Viola & Violin - Marta



Los Angeles

Studio Viola & Violin

Hi, I am a classically trained string player that spends equal parts in the studio and on the stage playing the music of soundtracks, symphonies, and with top headlining acts. I'm well versed in playing score cues or laying down string lines to fill out pop tracks. You can hear me on records by Beyoncé, video games like League of Legends, and TV.

Violist, Arranger, Composer - Jayna



Los Angeles

Violist, Arranger, Composer

I'm a session violist, film composer, and strings arranger. Berklee Alumni. My services include remote recording, live performance, arrangement, and film composition. I worked for Burt Bacharach, Avril Lavigne, Jonas Brothers, Jacob Collier, Tigran Hamasyan, as well as Leehom Wang, etc...

Viola, Violin, Strings,   - Coen


Viola, Violin, Strings,

Add emotion to your track with some Live-Strings.

Producer and Session Musician - Troy

Los Angeles

Producer and Session Musician

A classically trained multi-instrumentalist composer, producer, and musician living in Los Angeles. Instruments include the viola, violin, piano, guitar, and drums. I have performed at the Kennedy Center, the White House, and various clubs and venues in and around DC and LA. I have produced albums for national and international bands and artists.


violist, improvisor, arranger - High-quality


violist, improvisor, arranger

Yanna Pelser has recorded for David Guetta, Duncan Laurence, David Garrett, Céline Dion, Justin Bieber and many others. Known for her precision, she often records viola lines for film music for Amp., an audio company based in New York and Amsterdam. She is expressive as a soulful soloist, but also subtle in adding tasteful string lines to songs.

Violist + Vocalist + Producer - Jeremy



Los Angeles

Violist + Vocalist + Producer

LA based string player, singer, and music creator.

Session/Live Violist/Violinist - Kiara



Los Angeles

Session/Live Violist/Violinist

Hey! I'm Kiara Ana and I'm a professional violist and violinist based in Los Angeles. Does your song need a little bit of live string love? Perhaps just one haunting line? Or stacks of sweeping orchestral lines? Maybe you don't know what it could use, but you think strings might be the answer? Let's chat, be creative and get strings on your song!

Viola, Violin, Pedal Steel - Andrea



Los Angeles

Viola, Violin, Pedal Steel

I'm a session player and performer on viola, violin and pedal steel. I love arranging and writing parts to fit pre-existing songs! I'm well versed at recording stacked parts to create an orchestra effect, playing beautiful melodic lines, adding simple pads and performing solos to best fit your music!

Violin, Viola, Female Vocals - Aidan


Violin, Viola, Female Vocals

Need me to write and record string parts or a top line?


Session Violist - Lorenna

Los Angeles

Session Violist

It's not everyday you find a good violist, and it's not everyday that you find a violist of Mexican and Filipino descent!


Professional Session Violist - ThatViolaKid

Los Angeles

Professional Session Violist

Juilliard Graduate who performed on Mac Miller's "The Divine Feminine" album. Specializes in virtuosic passages as well as soulful melodies and harmonies.

null - The


I am a classically trained violist freelancer in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. I am associate principal violist in the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and also have been playing on motion picture, TV, video game, jingles and record sessions for the last 26 years. I also have subbed in the viola sections of all orchestras in the area.

Violinist, Viola, Arranger - Nikos




Violinist, Viola, Arranger

Professional recordings of Violin, Viola and String ensembles. Vast experience in Studios with well known Artists like Sopor Aeternus, Carach Angren, ASP, L’Âme Immortelle, Falkenbach and many more. If you are looking for somebody to bring your tracks to the next level for an affordable price, search no more.

Record Violin,Viola,Cello,Bass - Cecilia



Buenos Aires

Record Violin,Viola,Cello,Bass

We are a team of music players from Argentina. We make remote recordings of String Solos, String Quartet and String Orchestra. We can do arrangements in different stiles, such as : Rock, Classical, Pop,etc.

Violin, Fiddle, Strings, Vocal - Kristin




Violin, Fiddle, Strings, Vocal

String hooks are my passion. Credits: Dolly Parton, Cage the Elephant. Lush indie string section, fiddle lines, ripping bluegrass solo, string quartet, violin, viola, sweet/smokey female vocal.

Media Scoring, Mixing, & Viola - JORDAN


Media Scoring, Mixing, & Viola

Awarding-winning composer of full-length/short film (esp. documentary, horror), TV, and chamber music. I am also an arranger (strings, orchestra), performer (viola, percussion, keyboard), and audio engineer (recording, editing, mixing, mastering).


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