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Music Producer, Voice Tuning - Ketsia

I won the Composition Medal at my graduation from my Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition. With my Apple certification in Logic Pro X, I can translate knowledge of music theory into great music productions. Send me a song with a similar sound that you want and I can create what you need. We can communicate to do what is best for you.

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I play, produce, mix & master - Teera Lucksanapiruk

I've written music for brands like coke and Honda. I've done audio post for nationally broadcasted TV series as well. I care about the music of the people that I work with, just as if they were my own.

Producer, Music Label - Noise Jazz Records

I'm a multi-instrumentalist, soundtrack composer, music producer, and DJ. Music has been something I've dedicated myself to since I was 9 years old, and it lead me to leaving UNC Charlotte after one semester and getting signed to Commodity Fetish Records with my former band the following year. One year after that, 2017, I started Noise Jazz Records

Recording / Mix Engineer - Andrew Boland

40 Years as a Sound Engineer / Mixer / Producer Former owner Windmill Lane Studios Dublin I have worked with every style of music with vast experience as both a recorder and mixer. If your interested in me mixing you music please send me an email and we can discuss your project

Music Producer - Eloise Shaw

Hey, I'm Eloise and I am here to create a variety of sounds for you, to provide you with musical inspiration, to add some magic to something you've already started, to finish something you need help with.

I resonate natural harmonics. - Udu Dragomir

What I learned is to balance everything so 200 hertz is the same db as 8.0khz, even if the resolution of the tracks only allows for 4 samples of the low end and half a sample of the high end per second.

Mixing & Mastering - Mike @ Earthrise Audio

Pro Tools Operator Certified Engineer.

Remote Mixing/Session Musician - Lawrence Menard


With over a decade of experience recording and mixing music, I have built full analog studios as well as worked with great results in compact digital studios. I love working with stems and creating three dimensional, rich sounding mixes that bring songs to life. I also work as a session accordion player, pianist, guitarist and mandolin player.

Club-Ready Mix & Mastering - Adam Hignell,

Specialist in Dance genres and Electronic Music. I'll master your tracks for added punch and depth with my high-end, professional mastering chain. Fast turnaround, satisfaction guaranteed. No Grammy Awards yet, but if you're looking for an affordable, talented and fast mastering engineer, get in touch!

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