Vocalist /Songwriter/Producer - TruNorth

Las Vegas

Vocalist /Songwriter/Producer

I am a professional session vocalist, topliner and songwriter with many years of experience in writing, performing live and recording professional lead and backing vocals on many projects all over the world and have released 40 albums worldwide.

Mixing - Ramji



Mixing and mastering engineer in the industry for more than 15 years. Won best mix engineer for the soundtrack, GOA (India). Nominated for best video producer for the song Borders by MIA.

Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Ryan


Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Ryan Egan is an American singer/songwriter/producer living in Paris. His original music has gained high praise from outlets such as Billboard and Noisey as well as substantial support from Spotify playlists like New Music Friday, Fresh Finds, and Apple's Beats 1, accumulating over 2 million streams.

Producer | Mix/Master Engineer - Arnau


Producer | Mix/Master Engineer

Passionate and versatile music producer, musician, composer and mix & master engineer. Depth knowledge of various music styles and how to program them in various digital audio workstations. I have composed for Warner Chappel artist, Universal Music, independent artists, enterprises, ... and mixed and mastered songs professionally since 2016.

Producer / Sound Magician - Nik


Producer / Sound Magician

I create unforgettable experiences. If you are looking for a Unique Modern Production in Any Genre that Stands Out, I am your guy. Currently working with artists at Sony, Warner (Germany), Spinnin’ & Epic Records... also releasing some of my own house music under Nik Ernst. I can make any style of music. Let's chat :)

Mixing, Producing, Recording - TheMixologist

New York

Mixing, Producing, Recording

A Tastemaker with a Professional Sound and Other-Worldly Communication. I've Brought the Personal Touch Back to the Mixing Industry! All Genres, Styles, and Project Sizes Welcome. Unlimited Free Revisions.

Mixing, Mastering, Audio Post - Jonathan

New York

Mixing, Mastering, Audio Post

Pro results. Major label credits. 1 billion streams. Films w/ distribution deals. Many happy clients. Working from my NYC studio, with a top-notch listening system in a great room. PTHD, tons of plugins, and some great outboard. Mixing lots of pop + hip-hop, but comfortable in all genres. Film mixing too (5.1 equipped!).

Recording Studio w Photo/Video - Won

Theater District

Recording Studio w Photo/Video

Won World Studios is a one stop shop Recording, Mixing, Photo, Video, Multimedia Studio. We offer anything from recording a song, to filming the video & doing a photo shoot all in the same session. And the best thing about us is we are based right on the heart of Times Square in the legendary Music Building.

Producer and Mixer - BPM


Producer and Mixer

Multiplatinum Billboard Producer and Mixer. Worked with Fetty Wap, Madcon, KDL. Signed to Sony Music as an artist (KDL) and BMG as producer.

Remote mixing & Mastering  - Luca


Remote mixing & Mastering

are you looking for someone who can make your song stand among others? Maybe you have found the right dude! More than 10 years of experience in mixing, mastering and additional productions. some of my works are credited in Sony Music,UMG,Warner,Fool's Gold,Ego,Sirup and Musical Freedom's catalog.

EDM Business/Audio services  - Mikey!


EDM Business/Audio services

- Ghost Production/ - Offering career guidance, consultations, development, marketing, record deals, and all things audio. - I can guarantee you getting signed AND distributed. - Promotional services deeply rooted in Psychology/hypnosis that result in your track charting 60% of the time - Songwriting - Vocal Tuning

Remote Mixing, Music Producer - Stephen

Los Angeles

Remote Mixing, Music Producer

Hello, I am Stephen, and I am a mixer, engineer, and producer based out of Los Angeles. With experience of over 10 years, I always have a new and fresh perspective which will help your record stand out in todays competitive market. I am officially credited with Universal Music Group as a mix engineer.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Josh


Mixing & Mastering Engineer

I can through mixing and mastering make your records cut through on streaming services and radio. So if you want your next song to be loud and clear with a credible low end, let's get working.

Mixing & Mastering Facility - PRVLG

New Jersey

Mixing & Mastering Facility

Hi. Welcome to PRVLG Sound Studios! We're a New Jersey/New York Based Recording,Editing,Mixing and Mastering Facility. We have a small staff of experienced engineers and producers dedicated to getting you the best sound and quality out of your music, Whether analog or digital!

Music Producer - Kyle


Music Producer

I can help you bring your song idea to life. I'm good at mimicking from reference tracks or experimenting to find a unique sound catered to you. I care about every single song I create and put that level of care into my work. If this is your first song or your fourth album, my attention to detail will be the same.

Everything but singing - YourSolutionAudio

Rio de Janeiro

Everything but singing

Worked along Zenhiser, Loopmasters and other as a Sound designer and sample pack developer Been working with Major Artists as a producer, songwritter for almost 5 years Have 2 aliases signed to major labels on my authoral work Played as a DJ in more than 10 different countries Basically, I work and ghost produce all styles related to electro

UK Producer, Mixer, Musician - FloTheProducer


UK Producer, Mixer, Musician

After racking up over 100,000 subscribers and over 50 million views on YouTube from uploading beats, musician and producer FloTheProducer has been breaking the industry working with multi-genre artists.

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