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Writing and composing songs - Matthew


Writing and composing songs

Hi there and thank you for checking me out it is very appreciated! I have been writing and composing acoustic songs and would really like to become part of a team and try to get my creation Electrik Emblem to the next level. I have been working alone for the past few years and I think it is time to start working with other people in the industry.


Singer, Songwriter, Top liner - Blanka


Singer, Songwriter, Top liner

Hey! I'm a professional singer, dj, producer and songwriter with more than 15 years of experience. I'm from The Czech republic, living and performing in Ibiza. I am trilingual so I provide in English, Spanish and Czech, collaborating with Sebastian Ledger for Paco Otsuna’s Mindshake records, Rey Vercosa, Kintar etc. I go through many music genders!


Production|Mixing|Songwriting  - Liina





Female producer with a masters degree in music production and sound engineering. I do popular music with no genre limitations and I will make your song stand out from the masses!

Mastering & Mixdown Engineer - Justin


Mastering & Mixdown Engineer

With over 35 years writing, remixing, DJ'ing and producing in the dance and electronic music industry, I have also become a specialist at mixing down and mastering other artists. I have an extensive portfolio covering many genres but specialising in underground house music, which is my personal flavour.

Mix/Master, Producer Wiz - DeForrest


Mix/Master, Producer Wiz

Hungry to make a name for myself as a top producer, taken masterclasses and studied various techniques of industry greats such as MixedbyAli (Kendrick Lamar, Sza, Jay Rock), Mike Bozzi ( successor to mastering studio of Jackson 5, and Whitney Houston). Lastly money can’t by passion, and I’m roaring to go.


Engineer,Producer,Mixing - EQ

Woodland Hills


Hi my name is Austin Molles, also known in the studio as EQ. Im a very hard working individual who absolutely loves music and the creation of it. When I arrive at the studio my main focus is making sure the product I am giving the client is exactly how he or she would want it and making sure the client is comfortable and enjoying their time with me

Mastering Engineer - Aurora


Mastering Engineer

From the audiophile and music world, i become a musician, educator and mix/mastering engineer, who wants to bring to you that final artistic and espiritual experience before release to the world. Blending science, knowledge and empathy with the subjective vision of music and making it real into your ears.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Oscar

Mexico City

Remote Mixing & Mastering

I have written, recorded and produced more than 60 tracks of different genres for my personal projects and produced, mixed and mastered for the most creative emerging artists of Mexico City. My experience, commitment and passion for music drives me to deliver the best possible results on every single project.

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