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Live Music and Recording - Boyd Percussion

Touring drummer, expert teacher, dynamic composer.

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Gerrit Kinkel Productions is an independent music production company. It was founded in 2009 by Grammy Award winning music producer/engineer/composer Gerrit Kinkel and specializes in record production and engineering as well as advanced music creation and licensing for media and film (trailer music).

Audio Engineer; Music Producer - Marco Giordano

Hi! My name is Marco Giordano. I'm from Salerno, a city in the south of Italy, and i graduated in Sound Engineering at the SAE Institute [Milan]. I also manage a recording and mixing studio, called "Studio76", in wich we also have lessons about electronic music production. At the end, i produce electronic music for many customers.

Music Producer/Rap Artist/Sing - Bam Bino TheProducer

You won’t find better music tracks than mine. Let me produce a hot hip hop or rap track for you an affordable price.

Mixing | Mastering | Producer - Justin James Dumar

Mixing, Mastering, and Production. 14 years of experience. Driving an API 1608 console in a State-of-the-art studio. Hybrid mixing analog and digital. Transparent producer and can create/produce music within many genre’s. Learn more at:

Guitarist/bass player - Daniel Ruborg

Hello fellow music lovers! Looking for that rockin' guitar on your song? Or maybe that rumbling bass on your other track? Look no further!

Assignment prudence  - Alialtheeb

Mixing and Mastering - POP&EDM - Davi Hemann

Producer, Mixing, and Mastering engineer. 600k+ streams. I will mix and master your songs up to today’s industry standards, with 3 free revisions, and it takes up to 1-3 business days to be delivered. Credited on the best EDM labels in the world: Sirup, Zildeep, Shiftaxis, and many more.

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