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Online Mixing & Mastering

I've worked with many nationally and internationally successful artists as well as countless local and independent talent, in a variety of genres. I have worked with most succesful hardcore, punk and metal italian bands.

null - Riccardo


Sound engineer with over twenty years of experience, owner of Studio73 in Ravenna, Italy. With nearly 1,000 production assets have experience as recording, editing, mixing and mastering of any kind of music, without exception. I've also produced countless of rock/alternative/experimental/metal bands.

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Guitarist, Producer - Yohann




Guitarist, Producer

I would love to work with you on your music ! I am a session guitarist at sounderstudio (France), I have worked with popular french artists from The voice France, as other mainstream artist: Djay koi, Fil Straughan... If you are looking for top notch guitars, professionnal relationship Contact me.

Mixing and Mastering - Nikita


Mixing and Mastering

Audio Mixing, Audio Mastering, Audio Production - this is what I am professional at, this is what I devote all my time to.


Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Giancarlo




Mixing & Mastering Engineer

100% five stars reviewed..‼️ My goal is the client satisfaction...❗️ I am a Sound Engineer with 25 years experience. I worked with many artists from America Europe Asia Australia and Africa.

Sound creator - Yoshi


Sound creator

Hi I am Yoshi. I am a professional at Sound. I write Music and do Mixing, Design, Recording and Production. I am studying Sound Design. I play guitar and listen to Nine Inch Nails.


Singer, songwriter, guitarist - Valerie



United States

Singer, songwriter, guitarist

My name is Valerie Bachand, and I am the singer, songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist of one-girl-band STARSE3D. I have surpassed over 600k views on my YouTube channel and was featured on Dolly Parton’s Jolene Cover Challenge this past year.

Session Bass Player, Producer - Kieran




Session Bass Player, Producer

I am a Brit Award winning and Ivor Novello nominated songwriter, producer and bass player for artists including The Pet Shop Boys, Dermot Kennedy & Girls Aloud. I have over a decade's experience working in studios like Abbey Road, RAK and Xenomania. Multiple world tours as a session musician. Produced music for the X Factor tv show.

Recording Studio - Killphonic

Los Angeles

Recording Studio

An easily accessible and affordable production and recording studio outside of Downtown LA. Great for writing, pop production, vocal recording, keyboard and guitar overdubs.


Mastering for CD, HiRes, Vinyl - Horst

7011 Siegendorf

Mastering for CD, HiRes, Vinyl

Warm, natural, transparent, big, punchy and 3D-similar Sound with more than 30 Years of Experience. Pure Analog Mastering for CD, HiRes, Mastered for ITunes( certified) and Vinyl.

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