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 Record Label, Studio - Gwap Fam Entertainment LLC

Gwap Fam Entertainment also known as "The Real Gwap Fam" which is more than music as we institute all abilities and talents amongst our staff which also promotes on their own personal and business incorporated sites involving various industries such as retail, barber, and studio production. Networking being our strong suite seeing by that we exsist

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Mixing, tracking, production - Tony Draper

Gold-selling tracking, mixing engineer and producer based in Liverpool, UK. 10 years' experience as house engineer at Parr St Studios, now head engineer at Analogue Baby and freelance as a mixing engineer.

 - Marc M.

Born in the early 1950's,Plainfield,NJ, I Grew up affected by the music of Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie. In my teens Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Doo Wop, early Rock & Roll. Began writing in earnest at the age of 9. Poetry paints pictures in an impressionistic way that I relate best. I Began teaching myself Guitar in 1970. Wrote my first songs in 1971.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - ReoLamos

I'm cheap =)

Production & Mix Engineer.  - juliuspep

I've been songwriting, producing, mixing, recording & mastering for over 15 years. My music is played all over the world, regularly on television; small, low budget, Indie films, & larger scale movies. I understand the need for quick turnarounds & can deliver your project as quickly as needed. I'm a musician myself, so understand the requirements..

Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting - Keri Prather

Experienced singer, guitarist, songwriter

Singer and Song Writer - Gheti Kirinnya

Unique lyrics do i compose the way i arrange them nails it and my vocals i use are like melodies.

Instrumental Beats (rap) - T Crepid Beats

The best hip hop, rap, trap instrumental songs in the market!

Hip Hop Producer & Writer - Openlate

20 year veteran as a very versatile hip hop music producer and writer.

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