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Mixing&Мastering Production - Alexander Schubert

Sound engineer & producer/ based in Berlin . Working in perfect acoustic environment let me get best results, creative and right sound very fast. I use digital workstation ( Pro-tools, Cubase) with analogue mixing and external effects gear. Check my web-portfolio www.schubertstudio.de I loved to work with rock,jazz, experimental and world music.

Producer/Engineer/Studio Owner - Stephen Kurpis

Vitruvian Sound was built to provide a safe harbor for creatives of all stripes to work in a serious manner. This studio is a crossroads of technical resources and knowledge. It is a hub for artists to finalize their expressive output. It is a place where quality tools are not dismissed as unattainable luxuries, nor held in blind reverence, but

Singer/Writer - Nikki Calloway

I sing in the band Sequence 8 from Augusta, GA. They have been performing for over 30 years, but I joined about a year & a half ago. We perform at community events, weddings, private parties, corporate events, restaurants/bars, etc. My greatest passion is writing. I write country, pop, rnb. https://soundcloud.com/nikkicalloway

Mixing and Mastering - Leonardo Bertinelli


As an audio engineer, Leonardo ensures the artist connects to the audience and achieves sonic perfection. With extensive knowledge of a vast range of musical genres, along with his ability to provide the support and expertise his clients need, Leonardo is able to help shape the music to the artist's vision. Let's get noisy.

Mixing & Recording Engineer - Antonio Passacantilli

Professional mixing and recording engineer located in Berlin.

Singer and Music Producer - aG_anthony_Gomes

A Singer, Musician. I play guitar, bass, hand percussion, arrange, produce and write songs. I have network with Studio and Engineers to Track, Mix and Master.

Jazz/Latin Flute Player - Itai Kriss Music

Soulful & funky, crisp & clear, masterful harmonic and rhythmic complexity and sweet sounding simplicity. I have been working at the forefront of NYC's Jazz and Latin music scenes, performing & recording with some of the top musicians in the world including Orquesta Akokán (nominated for a grammy in 2019) & reggae legend Burning Spear.

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