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Audio Engineer - James McLear

Experienced engineer specialising in full band recordings, recording studio in Dalston, East London fully equipped for full band recordings, great selection of mics pre amps and compressors, email me for more details. For my portfolio and testimonials from my previous clients, visit my website below.

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Music Producer / Mix Engineer - VVL Music Producer

Charismatic, unconventional, passionate and creative enthusiasm. His talent highlights the diverse creativity, and the style and quality of the tracks have long beyond the typical canon of the manufacturer. Vec Van Luke stands above all multithreading, quality and diversity.

Mixing/Engineering/Production - David Peters


David Peters is a mixer/engineer/producer specializing in organic, eclectic productions for singer/songwriters, indie/folk/americana bands, and composers. Beyond typical band instrumentation, he's known for his work with unique acoustic and orchestral instruments, both for album projects and film scores.

Recording, Editing & Mixing - Korady Audio

An audio engineer that really wants the world to hear your music the way you intend for them to. There's never a one size fits all way to mix, so when you work with me we'll figure out what works out best for YOU. Most recently I've helped work on Lil B's upcoming Black Ken project.

Music Producer - Development Studio

Good music lives here.

'Producer Engineer' - Eleusis

Listening to Grunge since I was a teenager trained my ears, then I trained my Production skills while making my own music and selling beats, now I wanna offer my expertise to make sure your song gets the sound it deserves!

mixing Engineer - Rque ( RE-E-K)

I strive to have clean and balanced mixes that don't compromise the actual vibe or energy of the record , aside from that my priority is making sure the artist is in love with their mix and I won't rest until I have achieved just that. turn around time is typically ( 3 - 5 days )

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