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Remixing / Mixing & Mastering

My name is Sebastian Schleinitz. I have been producing remixes since 2001 and have achieved many official releases so far (named "Captive of Society" or "Hartung & Schleinitz" Remix). Through remixing and own projects I worked on I deepened my skills in mixing and mastering (studies at HOFA Institute). So that I have also produced some bands.

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Record/Mix/Master & Producer - Ryan


Record/Mix/Master & Producer

Ryan has been professionally recording, mixing, & mastering for over 5 years and have worked with many artists across all genres. Putting his heart and soul in delivering the best sound for your tracks.

Mixing, Composing, Producing - Badnew

Los Angeles

Mixing, Composing, Producing

Hello! My name is Jon and I am a Mix engineer based in Los Angeles, CA. I work with my production partner Dyami, who is a composer/producer at our studio in Hollywood. Between the two of us we offer industry standard professional mix, production, composition, and sound design services.

Mixing & mastering - Sergey

Perm City

Mixing & mastering

Sound producing at the crossroads of vintage and modern technologies.


Music composing and recording - Nicholas


Music composing and recording

Hello! I am an independent music composer, songwriter. As a guitarist, my passion is creating new music. I play guitar and bass guitar. I have a few royalty free audio tracks and an original synthwave album.


Dance music specialist - Matthew


Dance music specialist

If you are looking for someone to bring commercial quality to your audio, I'm your man. I've worked in pop & TV music for the last 15 years, where the highest quality is expected. That involves writing, recording, producing, editing, mixing and mastering audio.

Artist/Producer/Audio Engenier - Absent

Los Angeles

Artist/Producer/Audio Engenier

Found an interest in music at the age of 12 (listening to mostly metal/grunge at the time) learned to play guitar, and soon after stumbling across Tribe's "Low End Theory" album, quickly invested in Hip Hop and started Producing/mixing. Began experimenting with a demo of FL studio, sampling mostly old dusty vinyl jazz LPs.


Music Producer/Mixing & Master - Simon


Music Producer/Mixing & Master

I have been producing electronic music for over 8 years. With a wide experience in EDM genres. I have also played at festivals in my local area and been on BBC Radio a number of times. Alongside production i am also available to hire for very affordable mixing and mastering services. Ableton Live User.

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