Spotify Canvas Designers

These talented Canvas designers will create engaging looping visuals to accompany each of your tracks on Spotify.

Connect with listeners in a whole new way with Canvas, a short looping visual you can add to each of your tracks on Spotify. Whether you want to cut down your music video, create abstract animation, 3D motion graphics or moving photo overlays, these designers can get it done.

Canvas Designer & Animator - little

New York

Canvas Designer & Animator

I create illustrations, canvases and animations for musicians to put fourth their vision through my own personal style. I have worked on animations for Ben Kessler, Lizzie Mcalpine, Dylan Rockoff and album art for many others.

Canvas Designer, Video artist  - Blue


Canvas Designer, Video artist

I am a video artist who likes to create unique visuals. I create videos for various platforms/fields such as music videos, advertisement videos, social media video contents etc. Canvas videos are my favorite to play around. It's a great way to make creative collaborations.

Visual Artist - Omar


Visual Artist

Creative Director & Visual Artist with more than 10 Years in transforming stories into creative digital content, which delights, inspires. We pride ourselves on always trying to create original and innovative piece of Art that people really enjoy watching.

Canvas Designer + Animator - Matt

New York

Canvas Designer + Animator

Professional Designer + Animator with over 10 years experience working with musicians, filmmakers, agencies, brands, and artists of all kinds and sizes. Clients include: HBO, Netflix, Square Enix, NBCUniversal, Usher, Hershey's, and many more. Big fan of abstract, surreal, minimal, warm, and nostalgic / vintage influenced design.

Motion Designer & Illustrator - Patrick


Motion Designer & Illustrator

Hello, I’m Paddy. I'm an award-winning Motion Designer and Illustrator based in London, UK working across broadcast, sport, music and food industries. Over this time I’ve been weaving sound and motion together in 2D and 3D in to enegetic music videos and working closely with a wide variety of major brands.

Canvas Designer - Sean


Canvas Designer

I am a Canvas Designer, Motion Graphics Artist, and Animator based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. My vibrant and digital style can be used with so many different types of music. I strive to bring new life to your songs with visuals that will draw the listener's attention!

2D Animator, GIF Artist - Shane


2D Animator, GIF Artist

Artist, animator, & director specializing in hand drawn psychedelic loops and music based visuals.

Spotify canvas + album art  - FREAKDEMOGRAPHIC

Twentynine Palms

Spotify canvas + album art

I have a passion for creating Monty Python style collage animations to match your music! My creativity does not end there though. With your vision we can create some awesome stuff!


Canvas Designer & Video Editor - walkerdunnvisuals


Canvas Designer & Video Editor

Surreal music based visual creator and canvas designer.

Motion Graphics Designer - Susannah


Motion Graphics Designer

I am an Art Director and Motion Graphics Artist specializing in immersive 3D visuals designed to engage all the senses.

Canvas/Motion Designer - HelloPaul


Canvas/Motion Designer

Multi-Disciplinary Motion Designer working with design-driven, style-conscious artists all over the world, creating exciting content that grabs attention.


Canvas Designer, Animator - Flower


Canvas Designer, Animator

Flower Up is a creative director, animator, designer and photographer. Specialising in the music industry Flower Up has provided creative for artists such as Havelock, Working Men's Club, Enter Shikari and Placebo. Flower Up also represents Comes With Fries Agency as Design Manager, delivering creative to artists/labels globally.

Motion Designer & Animator - Bernd

Sydney NSW

Motion Designer & Animator

2D Designer/Animator with international experience at award winning studios Buck Sydney & PlusOne Amsterdam


Art Director & Illustrator - Manuel


Art Director & Illustrator

Art Director specializing in Design & Illustration


Canvas Designer - ANTWERP


Canvas Designer

My name is Nico and I am a London-based motion designer / animator / director who never forgets to water the plants. 🌾🌾🌾🌾


Graphic Design - Boldatwork


Graphic Design

We are a graphic design atelier focusing on music. Our skill set includes visual identity, art direction, and developing compelling images, spaces, patterns and typography.

Visual Artist - Klarens


Visual Artist

I am Visual Artist, specialized in visualizers. I have a style that is considered playful, retrofuturistic, glitchy, trippy. I have done visuals for clients like DJ Snake, XXXTentacion, Ultra Music, The Galantis, Empire Records, Steve Aoki, Jackboy etc.

Graphic design & Animation - ZEUGL


Graphic design & Animation

We are ZEUGL, two French creatives conceptualising and making band identities, record sleeves, music videos, VJing and everything else musicians might need to further their project visually.

Canvas Designer - madebystudiojq

United Kingdom

Canvas Designer

Based in the United Kingdom, Jonathan Quintin, aka @Madebystudiojq is an artist & designer primarily in Art Direction, Branding, Illustration + 3D Art


2D/3D Illustrator & Animator - Joi


2D/3D Illustrator & Animator

Hey Hey, I'm a 2D/3D illustrator and animator based in Chicago! My work consist of bright punchy colors and fun friend shaped buddies. I also love to create dreamy but minimalist landscapes and scenes! Some clients I've worked with are GIPHY, The Washington Post, and Someoddpilot here in Chicago.


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