Blues Sound Design

These professional sound designers will craft unique and original sonic elements to elevate your song, show, or production

Sound Design - Pranciškus


Sound Design

Hey! I'm a sound engineer/sound designer from Lithuania. I spend most of my time editing and mixing sound for motion pictures. In the mean time, I love working with music. Used to be a musician myself, now I help others with their records. Recently I recorded and mixed an EP for a rising artist from Lithuania.


Music Producer - antoiner91


Music Producer

Pin Up Fever


Remote Mixing - Sunriseman


Remote Mixing

I am engaged in mixing and editing the vocals of your songs, sound design


Session Guitarist - Erico

Cebu City

Session Guitarist

Are you looking for that specific tone or a clean bend like John Mayer? Maybe a jazzy riff from Bruno Major? Maybe I'm that missing tone that you need.

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Session Guitarist - Giordano


Session Guitarist

Hi! I'm Giordano and I'm a Musicologist, Guitarist and Film Composer. I've played with artists like Ian Paice, Stef Burns and Will Hunt.


Bass Guitar, Mixing, Mastering - XAudioProduction


Bass Guitar, Mixing, Mastering

Member of Vlatko Stefanovski’s Trio. Studying Music Production and Sound Design - (MPSD) in Belgrade at the Academy of Arts. Editing, mixing and mastering of audio in Cubase 9 Pro. Playing bass guitar professionally both as a student and as a live musician.


Audio Producer - Aaron

Yuba City

Audio Producer

You might say I’m a transient of sorts—moving from DAW to DAW, mic to mixing, mixing to mastering. There’s no limit on my output. I can work in the box and think outside of it. Whether it’s mixing great tunes, producing VO and dialogue or creating amazing sound design, I find joy in the process of creating world-class audio.


Audio Production Engineer - Doug


Audio Production Engineer

Doug Reynolds is an expert in the field of entertainment and possesses 10+ years of experience in music production. I prefer working with people who have not yet established themselves and will work hard to make sure your songs or production are end their journey with high-quality sound.


Guitars, Mixing, Mastering - Blusician


Guitars, Mixing, Mastering

Experienced sound engineer that plays guitar and writes songs. Love music and working with other musicians, but also know when to tell the truth no matter how brutal. Rock, blues, jazz, country, folk...


Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Roberto


Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Roberto Rettura is a sound engineer specialized in recording/mixing/mastering. His clients are Some Species of Fish, Calibro 35, 1940, iBerlino, Cadori, Minor Swing, Baustelle and many others. He has a long-lived experience in the world of live sound design for performances and installations, which help him to feel the request of the artists.


Ballard Estate


VIVEK SAMUEL worked with some of the top organizations and brands and talents including multinational companies, government agencies, associations and federations to create amazing experiences in locations both large & small.Our specialty is creating extraordinary events with innovative designs,entertainment,


Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Sinewave


Recording, Mixing & Mastering

We record and produce your music to pure perfection. That is our motto at SInewace Recordings. We always put in the effort and expertise required for your single, EP or album to become an absolute hit!

Remote Mixing, Music Producer - Roman


Remote Mixing, Music Producer

Hi I'm Roman from Vienna, Austria. I'm a Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter and Mixer.


Session Drums / EMail Stems - Chili

Thunder Bay

Session Drums / EMail Stems

I try to make parts which quietly fit the bass parts closely. I have rehearsed and continue to rehearse to ensure that what you ask for, what I think of - is able to execute without changing tempos and feel. I have rare foot speed and specialise in ghost noting in the background. I can also play 8ths with high hat creating that "feel".

freelance live sound engineer - George

Clifton upon Teme

freelance live sound engineer

I can offer my services for both live work and studio work with mixing and mastering for all sorts of bands.


Mix/ Master, Soundtrack/ Prod. - TK1

São Paulo

Mix/ Master, Soundtrack/ Prod.

Music Producer, composer


Remote mixing, Music Producer - Fernando


Remote mixing, Music Producer

Hi, im Fernando I have a Degree in Music and technology and i have huge experience in live sound, audio mixing, editing, etc, and sound designing. So i decided to run at my own. I don't have huge equipment now, but i have a bullet proof room treatment and a continue improvement My keys: - Responsibility - Care of the material - Hard Work


Mixing and Mastering - Chow


Mixing and Mastering

Would love to work with you to mix and master your track. I love all genres of music and can help with sound design and production requirements. I am a musician and guitarist too and would love to collaborate!


Sound Designer, Mix Engineer - Joe


Sound Designer, Mix Engineer

I write music for movies and video games, I also edit, mix and master tracks. I've tried beatmaking a number of times, but 100% of the time I do chill-hop instead of trap :D I have experience in recording music for mobile apps and commercials.


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