Singer-Songwriter Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Songwriter, Vocalist, Lyricist - Kaila Baće

Kaila's songs have been featured on network television shows, commercials, and lifestyle videos. She has toured nationally with her indie pop band and shared the stage with notable acts such as Third Eye Blind, OneRepublic, Misterwives, and tune-yards. Kaila writes and records quickly, and loves collaborating.

My songs will make you cry - M.BRONX

I've written and produced for Beyonce, Demi Lovato, Tinashe, Morgan Page, Borgeous, Billy Currington, and many more. I specialize in writing unique yet timeless ballads, pop and urban songs. I also have a plethora of experience in EDM. Would love to hear about your project and how I can help write you a song that feels like you.

Audio Production Services - TMR Productions

My name is Thomas Rhodes and I'm a sound guy. I like to add a personal touch to all the work that I sign on for. Whether it's producing, recording, mixing, mastering, sound design, etc., I won't rest until we get the best sound we possibly can. I'm a very attention to details kind of guy. Hit me up if you're looking to really explore your sound.

Remote Mixing & Editing - The Music Room

Don't pay a technician $200 an hour to edit a song or podcast. We will help you achieve your desired sound at a fraction of the cost.

Vocals, Guitar, Rap, Lite Prod - Harry Ho

I have years of experience leading worship for teens, young adults, and adults. I play guitar, rap, sing, and do some light production on my own music.

Session Vocalist & Guitarist - Matt Schneider

Soulful, accessible approach to vocals & guitar. My focus is to create music that helps your message and vision reach listeners ears with the highest level of distinction, resonance, and character possible.

Recording and Audio Production - Eddie Grupper

Music creation and post-production mixing.

Write/prod/mix/mast Afropop - Kubolor Cini

Quick turnaround, low cost professional, songwriting, production, mix, & master

Bedroom recording specialist - Pasta Music

I'm not good at selling myself, I'm good at music. At least that's what I believe.

I love to create lyrics - Ruthe

My name is Sierra but I go by Ruthe

Music Producer - Zezu Zaza

Chef musician. I do music like I am cooking it. I cook the music. The music taste better, different but delicious.

Singer, Songwriter, Vocalist - PieterPeirsman

As the singer-songwriter/guitarist for the band Slow Pilot and live-singer for the band Hooverphonic, I've sung on a lot of big stages around the world. Hope I can help you with finding melodies, or recording a vocal track on your beloved songs!

Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting - Keri Prather

Experienced singer, guitarist, songwriter


Looking for something GROOVER? I write a song for you in a day, I sing it and I play it on the guitar. Any kind of music but you have to know that RHYTHM is my best friend since I was 5 years old and is the HEART of any song I compose. Contact me to work it out :) !

Audio engineer - Noam H Music

Dedicated audio engineer with a wealth of experience in recording, mixing and mastering. My goal has always been to bring you as the artist to the top of the game! I have worked with The Headstones, Alexisonfire, The Stumbellas and more!

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Matthew Rhodes Studios

We have worked with local choirs, bands, groups, schools, businesses and artists for affordable prices to help make the best music they can.

Musician-engineer-producer  - Kelly Kotera

Many years of experience in the music recording and production business specializing in recording, mixing, mastering, editing and instrumental music creation. Currently teaching songwriting and looking for vocalists to produce great songs. CEO of Screen Door Music, ASCAP since 1975. My rates are flexible for the right talent.

Mixing/Mastering/Production - Omar Akrouche

I am a freelance audio professional and performer-composer based in Los Angeles. I record/produce/mix/master musical projects at Tiny Telephone, Grandma's Couch, on location and remotely and in my home studio. I work in both analog and digital mediums, with a preference towards the linear process of recording to tape, and embracing performance.

no - go away


go away, 1302 S Shields St Ste. A2favorite_borderfavorite


Worship Music Producer - ALTO STUDIOS

I produce music for the Contemporary Christian and Worship Music genre. I am a top producer on I love working with songwriters to help develop and complete their song ideas. I can make your song ideas come to life and deliver a polished final sound. I love to see people’s music dreams come to life.

Singer/Songwriter - bluekathani

Released my first single "Come and Try" on 08.09.2020

singer/songwriter, demo singer - Effie Passero

I'm Effie, singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, but currently based in Mexico (because why not live out the apocalypse by the beach?) I was on American Idol season 1 for ABC's revival back in 2018, where I placed at exactly top 20. Since then, I've been able to perform all over the world, as well as on many different studio projects.

Producer - Eric Bernard

Nomination for best original album Anick Gagnon - Le Même Chemin - 2020 Willie award- Canada, Quebec

Musician Singer Composer  - Arun Goldson

ARUN GOLDSON Professional musician, singer, guitarist, pianist, performer and artistic director. Touching feel and voice...

Song Lyric Enhancer  - David Schaefer

Schooled in creative writing from one of America's top programs, I'm skilled at elevating lyric sheets to deepen meaning, polish execution, and add that characteristic flare required in today's marketplace to make your words memorable, remarkable, and wholly irreplaceable.

Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Shannon Shan Digg McIntyre

I'm a singer/songwriter/vocal producer. I'm looking to have songs viewed by A&Rs and artists hopefully to be purchased. I have these songs released but I am willing to write for up and coming artists and producers. I enhance songs by vocal production as well as making the subtle adjustments thats needed. SEARCH: Shan Digg (Pandora, iTunes, Spotify)

Poetic & Versatile Lyricist  - Kaby Burton

I'm a very versatile writer who enjoys writing for all sorts of genres from Metal to Musicals and Pop. I have already worked for clients on fiverr and the german label DarkTunes. My favourite style of writing is very imaginative, poetic and epic!

Recording Studio - Haldern Studio

Welcome to Haldern Studio. We are a team of music enthusiasts who are running a highly professional studio located at the beautiful landscape of the lower rhine area. We offer long time experiences in the field of audio processing and music production together with a professional studio at highest technical level.

Spanish & English song writer - Danilopezmusic

Necesitas un letrista, yo soy tu escritor. You need lyrics, i'm your writer.

Lyrics and instrumentals BEST - LIL ANGEL POP

I’m the best at lyrics because I channel them through they come to me. If the beat talks moneys talks I know a good song from a mid, lemme tell you what I write will get you like damn. I can change life’s this ain’t my ego this is reality

Music Producer, Song writer  - Pedro Vito

is a top 10 U.K record producer, certified gold and platinum songwriter and multi instrumentalist known for his work as an electric guitarist. He is part of a songwriting duo with drummer and fellow songwriter and producer Sebastian Sternberg

Songwriting beatmaking jingles - Shlayazace Studio

A different voice and a different feel. Conscious sound to connect with the people.

Mix and Master Engineer - Swampshack Studio

Hello. Whoever you are, I hope there is love in your life. If not Rescue dogs can change that... I'm a Passionate, Creative, Friendly, Experienced, Professional and Qualified Audio Engineer, who has experience in a wide range of Music.My home is currently SWAMPSHACK Recording Studio in New Plymouth New Zealand. I am here for your wellbeing.

Musician - DORO OBIM

Nigerian singer and rapperNigerian

Singer, Songwriter - Jeanne Marie Boes

Songwriting / reference vocals - fown

I'm the guy who's gonna (try to) take that idea in your head and materialize it into compelling lyrics. I can either write the whole song, help you throughout the process or give you some tips on how to improve your writing. I'm nice, cheap, I work fast and I will not pretend to be a robot (as long as you prefer to work with humans beings).

Songwriter - Richie Racks

I create lyrical rap songs that can sound from any region.

Singer, Music Producer  - Anand Aalgi

Indian YouTuber, Actor, Musician, Author Born (01/07/2000) MP "Anand Aalgi" name hold is an high position in music industry, Anand Aalgi original name (Anand Kumar Gupta) currently hi is a create technology & shayari video on YouTube.

Singer Songwriter Composer - Saint Peter Miller

I can usually deliver High Quality Edited Recordings within 2-3 days depending on the job. You may need me to write lyrics or arrange and record harmonies etc. Drop me a line and we can discuss your budget.

Producer/Vocalist/Pianist - San Iris

Check my music out on any streaming service under San Iris! If you like what you hear and think we could work together, let me know!

Write music on a hold in varia - PURCIVEARA

Music Producer  - Russell Henderson

Music Producer - Recording Engineer - Songwriter

Studio & Remote Producing, Mix - Will Edwards


Singer/Songwriter/Producer - Jordan


Radio-ready mixing & mastering - Charlie

Is your song written and produced perfectly, but not translating well to different listening platforms? Do you wish you could listen to your single, EP, or album, and have it stand out with shine, presence, and impact? Are you looking to have an affordable solution to your mixing and mastering needs? Well, you've come to the right place.

Lyricist - Sandra Bodnar

I am good at writing poems so writing lyrics is a new challenge for me.It`s been my dream for so long and now I`m going to make it true. I am open to any way of communication. My employees - my friends. What`s on your soul? Let`s turn your feelings into the text that will touch everybody. I believe in your story so let the music make it tangible.

Session musician, Lyricist  - Sea Prata

Hi! I am Sea and would love to meet you. I am an enthusiastic musician. I have worked with several artists supporting their art through guitar playing, singing and composing. Feel free to reach out!

Folk Pop Acoustic Songwriter - Dylan Galvin

Hand chosen by Paul Simon himself out of thousands while at Berklee College in Boston MA, Dylan Galvin is a guitarist turned songwriter with a soft spot for nostalgic lyrics and emotional, fiery improvisation. Songwriter, composer, live performer.

Music Producer - Jacob Pixler

Hello fellow creator! I'm here as a creative vessel for your music to flow through. When you work with me, we'll work side-by-side (no matter the physical distance!) to bring your vision to life. You have a story to tell through your music, and that story needs the perfect, sonic landscape to be told with. That's why I'm here. For you.

Singer/Songwriter - Destini Jones

Hi, my name is Destini Jones, and I am a 15-year-old singer/songwriter. Now don't let my age turn you off to my abilities within music. Just listen to some of my music and let it speak for itself. I absolutely love what I do and would also love to make a career out of it before I get out of hell (high school) ... hope you enjoy.

Music producer - Fabian Aquije

the pitch - Traducción al español - ejemplos inglés - Reverso ...

Mix Engineer - Steven Williamson

Nashville-based mix engineer whose credits span from the legendary Jars of Clay to the hit tv show The Chosen. I'm a mixer with an emphasis is in musicality, dynamic range, creativity and expression. I have mixed songs and records that have topped charts and radio in multiple genres. And no matter what, I always mix in support of the song or film.

Lyricist, Songwriter, Singer - Nadia

Hi! My name is Nadia! I have performed for churches, schools, and local stores, and have been writing songs from the moment I knew how to hold a pencil haha. My instruments of choice are guitar and piano. I work with mostly indie/alternative, singer-songwriter, genres.

Authentic Singer-songwriter  - RudiTheOutsider

Known for breaking the chains of conformity with original songs that do not fit into stereotypical categories. After years of writing and performing songs exclusively in busking settings, he released his first studio recorded single, SERENDIPITY in Feb 2022. His tracks are short stories in a form of poetry, full of raw emotion.

Singer/Songwriter - Asmi

I enjoy taking my voice to places no one has explored.

Ghostwriter/songwriter/rapper - Baby Binky

Israeli hip hop artist. I’m a songwriter and a hip hop singer

A singer and mixing engineer - Tal Tadmor

I'm a musician and music producer. Singer with more than 20 years of experience on stages and recording studios. Music Production graduate from the "MUZIK" college in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Currently residing in Italy.

Singer/Songwriter  - Portia

Lead Singer Songwriter

Singer/Songwriter - brookelen

Hi! I'm an independent singer-songwriter based in los angeles. I would love to collaborate with other writers passionate about storytelling

Violin/Fiddle/Viola/Arranger - Rita Pfeiffer

Rita is a multi-instrumentalist with 25 years of playing experience that has has been recognized by SXSW 2018, WNYC Public Radio’s Studio 360, and The Nashville Scene. Classically trained in violin, Rita currently plays a wide variety of genres including classical, indie folk, indie rock, bluegrass, and country.

Female singer - Lucy Banks


I have a passion for making music. I have a passion for making it unique and stand out from the rest. I have the voice that can do this.

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