Trap Singer - Male

These curated professional male singers are available to lay down vocal tracks for your song

Musician - Gogz





Singer trap, rapper - Franco


Singer trap, rapper

I am a trap singer, (alias "BLIND") and I want to be realized in music this year

Remote Mixing, Vocals, Lyrics - LilBoyGoth


Remote Mixing, Vocals, Lyrics

Signed to a well funded label, able to produce tracks and vocals within various genres, also providing lyrics for any type of song that you please. I provide high quality remote mixing, Im able to mix your track the way you like it and provide quality close to industry standard.


Singer, Producer, Engineer - Payt


Singer, Producer, Engineer

Credits: Layzie Bone, Radiobase, Pookie F'n Rude, Indika Sam


Spanish singer and songwritter - Jay


Spanish singer and songwritter

If you want to make a song that sounds different than usual with a Spanish artist, contact me

R&B,Trap soul singer  - Paradoxx


R&B,Trap soul singer

Jean Pierre Franceschi conocido como "Paradoxx" o @Paradoxxjean en redes sociales, nació en Panamá City, Panamá el 11 de noviembre de 1995 , inicio en el mundo del entrenimiendo en 2014 como creador de contenido en redes sociales incluso llegando a crear famosas parodias en colaboración con Youtubers e Instagramers reconocidos de su país.


Male Singer // Songwriter - DRAY


Male Singer // Songwriter

Singer and songwriter searching new styles


Singer/Songwriter/Ghostwriter - 94Monday



22yr Rap Artist / Ghostwriter with over 9 Million Views on Soundcloud & Youtube

Topliner, Songwriter, Producer - Jon


Topliner, Songwriter, Producer

I’m Jon Mark, and I write nursery rhymes for grown ups! 🎶 I’m a Topliner and Vocalist by nature but my love for music has led me to producing, rapping and engineering my own projects as well as other artists in my network.

Singer / Songwriter - Cole


Singer / Songwriter

Each individual has their own unique story, allow me to help you tell yours. With over a decade of experience, I've learned the components to creating a timeless song.


Songwriter & Music Producer - Kody


Songwriter & Music Producer

I know how to give your record that width, polish, depth & clarity you're looking for. I love to push creative limits and give you that ear candy that makes your song stand out. All you need to do is to send me a well-recorded song and I will turn it into your well-mixed record.

Create Catchy Hooks & Melodies - KevRevv

Beverly Hills

Create Catchy Hooks & Melodies

Without feeling the need to align with any single genre, Kev's lyrics feature double entendres, visuals, and stories. The unique aspect of Kev's music is his whistle that he infuses into the beats, hook, and chorus which add energy or create a haunting aura. He has begun branching into RnB, Dance, and Pop music while also taking vocal risks.


Music Producer, Mix and Master - Sbaglio


Music Producer, Mix and Master

Trilingual songwriter and singer

Recording Artist / Songwriter - OZAKITOWN


Recording Artist / Songwriter

I'm OZAKITOWN a professional recording artist, producer and songwriter.

new age rep music - KAPID


new age rep music

himalaje sedim v klidu víno leju zima ukrutná je kalamita závěj věrim tem mejm seru fejk tváře mam space ship reddy stedy goo zážeh

'French rapper' - Koopsala


'French rapper'

If you need french lyrics for rapper, RnB and pop singer or a french rapper on your tracks I can write you great lyrics and tight flows. I got 20 years of experiences in writing and recording.

Recording studio, producer - jpag


Recording studio, producer

Recording studio and production of Indie and trap music.


Italian singer and producer - Loco_Frame

27100 Pavia

Italian singer and producer

I am a young Italian producer specialized in mastering. I also sing a musical genre called "trap

"Graphic" "Webdesign" "Vocals" - Awesome


"Graphic" "Webdesign" "Vocals"

Hi I am cheap ! - Graphic Design (Covers, Posters, Flyers etc) - Web Design (Build websites for artists + other sites) - Sing & Rap Collab (Collab / make a verse or hook for your song) - Songwriter (I can help you write a song / verse or hook)


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