Singer, Top Liner, Lyricist - Phee-K


Singer, Top Liner, Lyricist

Multi- talented Artist offering different services. Ranging from blues and pop to rock and EDM, I am open to different genres and looking forward to improve your songs. I am a songwriter, lyricist, a seeker of melodies and a passionate singer. I have been singing and fronting bands for 20 years but my musical taste has always been eclectic.

Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter - Jack



Hey, I'm Jack! I'm a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. I offer both vocal and guitar work in multiple genres, but predominantly pop and EDM. With a solo career in pop music and having worked with many EDM producers I have writing and recording experience spanning two of the biggest genres in music.

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Composer, Mixer - Jeff

Los Angeles

Composer, Mixer

Emmy-nominated composer and mixer with a depth of experience and a fresh pair of ears.

Music Producer / Mixing / Mast - Agon


Music Producer / Mixing / Mast

I am a mixing engineer in Kosovo.


Audio Engineer & Disk Jockey - Sauced


Audio Engineer & Disk Jockey

Want great quality mixing/mastering for your songs at a cheap rate? Contact me now for details on pricing for individual songs & bundles.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Cody

Mer Rouge

Remote Mixing & Mastering

My name is Cody Howes, I started mixing and mastering music in 2016 when my band Auras in Allies released our first self-produced full length album, which i mastered.


producer, mixing, mastering - noraj


producer, mixing, mastering

Do you love to play with ocean waves full of piercing synths and caves filled with bass layers, shattered by thriving toms & godforsaken melodic madness, freighting thunderclaps and razor-sharp hits & hats, big, bold, badass percussions crushing down into rhythmic patterns and what not?...... well, at some point you need balance right? call me :)

A Home For Music - SUD




A Home For Music

We're ready to help you in all your creative needs, from music production and songwriting, while recording your live instrumentation, all the way to the mixing and mastering. Do we also offer distribution and publishing services? Yes we do!

Pro singer, lyricist, artiste - Sera

Los Angeles

Pro singer, lyricist, artiste

I offer a 48 hour turnaround for top quality soulful pop vocal recordings, or lyric writing. I've recently had a song placed in 'Katy Keene' TV series, and 6 songs placed in films last year. I'm an artiste with listeners all over the globe, and I performed to 300,000 people for the Royal Wedding celebrations of Will & Kate in London's Hyde Park.

Songwriting, Singing, rapping  - AySea

Benin City

Songwriting, Singing, rapping

I have a unique skill in singing


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