Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Seka Aleksic

Studio drummer-mixing engineer - Vladimir Ruzicic Kebac

Recorded over 900 songs worldwide and produced 10 successful albums in Serbia...

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Mixing & Recording Engineer - Phil McGowan

Music Mixing & Recording Engineer and Producer specializing in music for Film, Television, and Video Games.

EDM Mix/Mastering, Production - Jon Gorecki

I use the skills I developed as an electronic dance music producer to make your tracks shine.

remote mixing & mastering - Bombeats Studio

Mixing your sessions to the next level

Song writer - Toni_worlds

I have written 66 songs which I haven't been able to produce and Publish, and I have some of my group (Stereoboomers) work already in Spotify and itunes and am still growing.

Sound explorator and engineer  - Manuel Jesus

I have explored many places in the world by touring and travelling and have been exposed to a lot of different kind of music. It opened my mind to all kind of sounds. If you music resonates with me, I'll be happy to work on it, whatever the genre. Because I beleive that good music has something universal in it. And that's what I like to focus on

Session guitarist, bassist  - Thad Beaty

Film & TV niche, guitarist for Sugarland & producer in Nashville, I've produced & performed on thousands of recordings, been featured on Billboard #1 albums, commercials and written Top 10 charting songs. Founder of film & TV sync firm Sorted Noise, I specialize in layering & orchestrating guitar parts to create a huge sound for your track.

Session Vocalist - AJ LeRoy

Session vocalist with home studio set-up able to both record remotely and at studio locations.

Music Producer - Lyes

Uplifting Emotional&Orchestral Trance Producer .

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