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All Genre Songwriter - Sam Baylow

Truthfully, I do not have the awards, the fame, or the clout of some of my peers. What I can guarantee is that I can and will write circles around them for much cheaper.

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Mixing, Mastering, Beat Making - Darius 'tabu' Lipsey

My name is Darius, I'm an mix engineer/producer out of Indiana. I assisted under and engineer with over 30 years experience for 2 years before freelancing. I've have edited, co-mixed, and co-produced a regionally broadcast radio show. I've also have mixed record featuring Arsonal Da Rebel.

Music Production - Chris Mernda

My goal is to get emotions and feelings to translate from the speakers. I specialize in getting a tune to elicit the feelings intended by the composition.

Remote Mixing And Mastering - Pillars Entertainment

Giving you organic mix that the world can constantly put on repeat.

Bass - Nick J Aloisio Lewis


Seasoned Professional Bassist

songwriter, lyricist  - em X

i write the lyrics, I hold the words, images, & ideas. wherever they go, is up to the person who uses them, & the sound is the magic.

Music Production and Mastering - Derrej Llewnroc

I will make your song sound amazing in post production! I can also produce music for you. specialize in audio mixing and mastering

Studio45 - Studio45

Studio45 SEO Company in Ahmedabad

Producer, Mixer, Pianist - James: Music Care

Highly qualified mixing, mastering and producing available now - I will help you network and achieve your artistic vision.

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