Producer Mixing & Mastering  - Matteo

San Francisco

Producer Mixing & Mastering

Pro mixing and mastering engineer and highly creative producer. I guarantee i will take your songs to the next level and i will provide you with feedbacks to improve your productions. Credits include Jon Sine and Axsens Music.

Mixing & Mastering  - Stephan

St Petersburg

Mixing & Mastering

Hello, i am professional mixing&mastering engineer from Russia. I have unique skill and talent mix song in different styles. I'm a performer myself, and i have many multimillion video clips on YouTube. I mix vocals with a ready-made instrumental most effectively, but I can mix all tracks of instrumental. Low price because currency difference.

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Music producer - Handball


Music producer

We're a producer and songwriter duo working across genres.


Composer,  - Pietro

45100 Rovigo


Are you searching for a professional and high quality classical music score? Do you need an ad jingle, the music for your short moovie, or an epic soundtrack for your rpg video game?! You're in the right place!


Music composer - Dragonfly


Music composer

Original musical composition and audio design for game, film, television and other media.

Music Producer, Sound Designer - Marius

Cape Town

Music Producer, Sound Designer

Composer, guitarist, and all round audio solutions expert. If you need anything regarding audio, music or professional advice, don't hesitate to get in contact with me!

Celtic Fantasy Music Producer - Ian


Celtic Fantasy Music Producer

I'm a celtic/medieval/fantasy composer and multi-instrumentalist! I mix orchestral-epic sounds with quite a variety of folk acoustic instruments. If you need some music for your RPG game, or your medieval-fantasy ambiented short-film or movie, feel free to reach out!

Composer, Singer, Violinist - Mirela


Composer, Singer, Violinist

Musical story-telling and emotions provider for your project! 6th Mark Awards winner for ‘Best Ambient Track’ in 2020 with ‘Gone’, composed and performed by me. - BBC TV Series ‘The Capture’ (episodes 5 and 6) - solo violin, Big Fish Audio virtual libraries: ‘Ambient Minimalism’ (Vocals + Violin) and ’Funk Soul Vintage String Loops'.


Kuala Lumpur

Mustaqim Arifin has been playing and producing music for close to 16 years. Based in Kuala Lumpur, he also provides Ableton Live tutoring and mastering services for local & international artists under his company, AKHYLA. He actively performs under the name VMPRMYTH and spearheads the development of an upcoming MMORPG as their Lead Composer.

Songwriter, Producer, Artist - Matthew


Songwriter, Producer, Artist

Songwriter, Composer, Producer, Singer and Artist with more than 10 years experience. Clients include Samsung, Ubisoft and numerous indie game developers. Sold more than 40,000 songs on iTunes, 6 million YouTube views and 1 million Spotify streams.


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