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DJ & music producer  - Rj kushla

Always watch talent not a fame or money Always watch my work not my personality , I mean doesn't matter look

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Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Suno Records


Almost 20 years of experience mixing and mastering records. I'm passionate about bringing your songs to life!

 - Marcel HAZE

Producer and mixing engineer from Poland. Fresh look, better sound.

Recording/Mixing Engineer  - Marcus Chaney

Offering engineering, mixing and post production services for a wide range of different styles and budgets. A hybrid approach using the best of digital and analog gear ensuring you get the sound you were looking for.

 - Ryan Webber at DBM

I'm 23 and I have been playing guitar, writing and playing music for many years. It is truly my passion in life. I am now concentrating on the production of music with my aim being to provide bands and musicians with recordings that will realise their vision, while also offering years of musical and production experience to really take it to the next level

Producer, Composer, Mixing Eng - Collo Awata

Experimenting with sounds of different textures to get desired results.

Songwriter-Vocalist-Guitarist - Ashley Masih

Music is an emotion a feeling which everyone has, some find it, some just give. I help to give those lost hope some life A vocalist, songwriter-composer, guitarist. Had been working with established Artists and Agencies. Genres I specialise in are Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B, Pop, Country, Blues, Gospel and Jazz. -Listen, it's Love Hope and Peace.

Editing, Mixing & Mastering - Sean Lew

Bringing Out Dem Feels in Your Music

I'm a male pop singer  - Jordan Rodriguez

I will sing in the style ed Sheeran or JB.

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