Mixing and Mastering Engineer  - Studio




Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Studio Torrent engineers are specialised in Mixing and Mastering Hip Hop & Dance Music.

Producer / Mixing / Mastering - Stephen




Producer / Mixing / Mastering

30 years cumulative work. Recording. Mixing. Production. Billboard-charting. Early on, worked at Electric Lady & Vanguard Studios where I started learning the art & science of music recording with many genres of music. That early experience has helped shape my work & work ethic to this day.


New York


+50 MILLION SPOTIFY STREAMS IN 2020 SO FAR ON MY PRODUCTIONS AND MIXES +80 MILLION SPOTIFY/YOUTUBE STREAMS IN 2019 ON MY PRODUCTIONS TWO PLATINUM SINGLES IN 2020 TWO GOLD SINGLES IN 2020 ONE 2X PLATINUM SINGLE IN 2019 8 Major label releases in 2020 with 3 songs on European Top 50 Charts and New Music Fridays playlists.

Vast experience as a Producer - Ricky




Vast experience as a Producer

Ciao, Hi, I'm Ricky more than a producer. I come from Rome where I own my recording studio. I studied at Berklee College of music and I am very versatile, I play the piano and keyboards, and many other instruments, but above all I am a producer and arranger in many musical genres, from classical, jazz, dance, house, chill out, acoustic or trap.

 Cello / Female Vocals - Evelyn




Cello / Female Vocals

Hi, I'm Evelyn and I can build you a stringed orchestra or choir for your track! My range as a singer means I can cover choral parts from tenor to mezzo soprano and as a cellist I often get hired to cover all parts of a string ensemble. Whether your track needs a commercial or classical sounding part, I'm your girl!

Producer & Musician - Karma


Producer & Musician

I'm an experienced UK based Producer, Songwriter & Musician. Previous work with Kid Creole & The Coconuts, Jocelyn Brown, Sony, Polydor and Mute. All music genres covered - EDM to Indie, Pop to Punk, Disco to Drill. I will genuinely assist your project with experience, dedication and talent. Raise your game, get in touch today.

Vocalist, Topline, Producer - Hugh

New York

Vocalist, Topline, Producer

Over 27 years of recording experience. Session singer. Songwriter. Producer. Specialising in vocal production, recording, and comping, as well as drum tracking, beat-making and mixdowns. Yes I topline. I write songs. I can fulfil myriad functions in the music-making process. Let's make some music.

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