Mix Engineer & Producer - Ryan




Mix Engineer & Producer

I strive to deliver inspiring mixes which enhance the source material provided by artists. I work across various genres but focus mostly on rock and metal. My approach involves working closely with musicians and songwriters to really bring out the best in their work.

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null - AR


I have experience as a live sound engineer, recording engineer, and some basic sound design. I can setup and operate both analog and digital gear, plan and execute routing for recording and live reinforcement, time align line and sub arrays. I have experience recording live shows, a radio show on WDCB, and bands in the studio. Live Sound Reinforce

I am an Italian composer - Pino


I am an Italian composer

The pitch..... .... .. ?? I don't know what it means ... I ask for forgiveness.

null - WMS


Production and Mixing studio in the heart of Warsaw-Poland


Lyrics Melody Music Vocal Prod - Susan

United States

Lyrics Melody Music Vocal Prod

Website: www.soundcloud.com/jeliyah-1 Current Single: Take A Knee https://soundcloud.com/jeliyah-1/take-a-knee-radio-mix Songwriter: Lyricist with experience using witty hood slangs to classy upscale words. Music Producer: Make different types of instrumental beats from world to pop, hip hop, R&B etc.


Music Producer - Mix Engineer - KMRN


Music Producer - Mix Engineer

If you are looking for that new, modern sound in Pop, EDM, Hip Hop, R&B, you're at the right place! I have been producing every day for the last 12 years and I love what I do for a living! I work closely with every artist/producer to help translate their vision into polished, competitive, and radio-ready songs. Let's talk, I'm here to help :)


Songwriter, Topliner - VALLEY

Los Angeles

Songwriter, Topliner

Want a #1 type record? I have over a decade of experience in songwriting & recording. Currently working with grammy award winning and billboard charting producers, I write one of a kind hooks and full songs from stadium/billboard records to lo-fi vibes. I and very versatile and will work with you and you're specific needs.

null - Chris


Award-winning engineer Chris Fogel has left an indelible imprint on the recording industry with his contributions as a music producer, engineer, and mixer for film, television, and more. Recognized as an industry leader, Chris has been profiled in Mix, Billboard, Pro Sound News, Sound on Sound, EQ, and Surround Professional magazines.

I write,produce,remix  - Al


I write,produce,remix

I like to have some "classical" flavor and also some synthy stuff. Sometimes almost like 80s.


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