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Remote Mixing & Mastering - Optinervear Studio

Professional work, timely delivery and above all just the right way to master music, keeping its dynamics in tact without compromising on quality. Their work is a compliment to the countless hours spent by a music producer in getting intricate details in a track or album. I personally would recommend Optinervear Studio. (Swaroop Guhathakurta)

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Vocals, Production - Cleo Kaerf

I'm a music and commercial producer. I've worked with dozens of small time bands, and I'm currently producing for 3 radio stations. I've worked on a variety of genres, I also produce podcasts and advertisements.

Music Production Studio  - Southbay Studios Ph

We believe in organic music production.

songwriter and music producer - Pe Lu

I'm a songwriter and music producer based in Brazil. People know me for my former band RESTART or my new edm music project SELVA. I can write songs in english, spanish or portugueses (just in case). Text me :)

Music Producer  - Nicolas

I'm starting to pitch for several projects, would love to work on gaming!

Music Producer - Sketchy

i'm pretty good at making and flipping samples, i have about 350 youtube subscribers. it is not a really big accomplishment but it's my biggest

Vocals, mouthtrumpet, composer - AleMor

I really do know how to do the mouth trumpet. I can sing in four languages (Without an accent). English, Spanish, French & Portuguese I Harmonize everything (if necessary) "La Voz" US Season 2 Semi finalist

Music Producer, Mixing/Master - Bytor (MIchael Geissler)

I want to bring positivity, hope and inspiration through the beautiful language of music! I believe my ability as a Songwriter/music producer to provide high quality music. I specialize in Rock genres, orchestral cinematic arrangements and EDM. Music is my life, my passion and I will provide high quality tracks!

Production, Mixing & Mastering - E-Thrilla - Mindmaverik Media

For the artist the song is their baby. My job as producer, Mixing or mastering engineer once they entrust me with that baby is to care for, nourish and nurture until such time I return a fully formed product, charged with emotion, drive and energy.

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