Dreamy Vocals - Tanja


Dreamy Vocals

Hello! My name is Tanja, I'm a vocalist/songwriter/ producer. My vocals are dreamy and sensual with a slight Euro-accent (I speak several languages English, German, French, Swedish). I've written and produced my own projects Lomboy and Lonely Drifter Karen and for other musicians such as Lamp, Jimmy Whoo, Nicolas Godin(AIR), Olivia Ruiz ...

Multi-instrumentalist, Mixing - Rory


Multi-instrumentalist, Mixing

See https://rory.work/ for things I've been involved in.

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Mixing and Mastering  - MostDopeRecords

Orange Park

Mixing and Mastering

I specialize on recording,mixing and mastering and giving all my clients top radio quality. For info contact @yoankobe17@gmail.com and 9045049608 Jacksonville Florida USA


Overall Music Production - R.S.B.


Overall Music Production

I'm a young music producer that knows exactly how to bring the best out of an artist. I can drive any project to a radio-ready state within any deadline. Quick, efficient, professional. I'll cut your spending in half and provide twice the quality in return.

Session Bass Player - DanielKS_Music


Session Bass Player

Hi, my name is Daniel. I have been a professional session bass player for over 15 years now. I've worked with hundreds of performers in many different styles. I will be Your bass player and I record a bass track for Your song.


Analogue Mixing and Mastering - FWD

Los Angeles

Analogue Mixing and Mastering

A craftsman on every level, I analyze your production from the ground up. Believing that the blueprint of each song is unique, I will never use a template to mix or master your work. With this emphasis on quality and customization, I use only the highest echelon of outboard gear in a hybrid approach in the studio that I designed and built.

musician,ghost writer - FlessGod

New York

musician,ghost writer

The Bronx has been sparking much buzz with a variety of experimental artists like King Ceazar who has finessed his fresh east coast swag with a midwest sound. KingCeazar is back in the mix with the release of his official music video for Dog Food. KingCeazar is a promising young rap talent based in the United States. Though his brand is in its ear


null - Silverbirch


High end Mastering and Mix Facility. All Tube and Class A outboard gear and Pro Tools 10. Reasonable rates, professional major label quality. Experienced engineers.

null - Simon

Melbourne VIC

Melbourne based session musician. Experienced recording artist across a wide range of music genres

Producing, Mixing, Mastering - Michael

Los Angeles

Producing, Mixing, Mastering

Michael Vail Blum is a veteran of the music industry and has worked on projects that have earned Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Grammy awards. His credits include Madonna, MJ, Prince and has sold over 100 million records. Working together with his extensive experience will help move your project to the next level and achieve your creative goals.

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